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Interview with Kofi Gyekye: Empowering the African Diaspora through Creativity and Technology


Shanice Mills Founder and MD of KallureContributor
Exclusive Interview: Kofi Gyekye

Exclusive Interview: Kofi Gyekye

I recently had the honour of interviewing Kofi Gyekye, a Ghanaian entrepreneur, creative industries expert, and founder of the Kofi Gyekye Foundation.

Throughout our conversation, Kofi exhibited humility, kindness, and intelligence, embodying his passion for making positive change in communities most impacted by the lack of technological infrastructure and access.

Kofi’s journey towards entrepreneurship and innovation began during his time studying engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana.

It was there that he developed a deep fascination with creativity and innovation, setting the stage for his future endeavours. He later pursued a master’s degree in digital media at the University of the Arts London, where he further explored the intersection between technology and the creative industries.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

During his time in London, Kofi realised the immense potential for innovation and growth at the intersection of technology and creativity.

This realisation became the driving force behind his mission to create positive change and support the technical and creative aspirations of the African diaspora.

With this vision in mind, Kofi founded the Kofi Gyekye Foundation, an organisation dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for individuals and groups within the African diaspora.

The foundation offers a range of support services, including residencies, workshops, and investments, aimed at nurturing skills and ventures within the community.

One key area of focus for the foundation is the fashion industry. Kofi recognizes the untapped potential for growth and entrepreneurship in the African fashion scene, especially among young creatives.

Through residencies and workshops, the Kofi Gyekye Foundation provides aspiring fashion entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to succeed, fostering creativity and innovation in the industry.

Another industry that the foundation supports is gaming.

Kofi understands the increasing popularity and influence of video games and believes in the potential for African diaspora creators to make their mark in this field.

By offering support to gaming entrepreneurs, the foundation empowers individuals to explore their creative potential while contributing to the growth of the gaming industry in Africa.

However, Kofi’s vision extends beyond individual ventures. He firmly believes in the power of community and collaboration to drive meaningful change.

By bringing together like-minded individuals and organisations with shared interests and aspirations, the Kofi Gyekye Foundation creates a supportive environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to his work with the foundation, Kofi is the founder of Bisa Technologies, a software development company that provides innovative solutions to businesses across Africa.

His expertise in technology and entrepreneurship has earned him recognition as one of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 in Technology, further establishing his influence and impact in the industry.

His dedication to creating positive change in communities through the intersection of technology and the creative industries is truly commendable. Through the Kofi Gyekye Foundation and his other endeavours, he strives to bridge the gap between technological advancements and underrepresented communities, empowering individuals to leverage their skills and talents for transformative innovation.

Serving as an inspirational figure in Africa’s entrepreneurial landscape. Kofi Gyekye commitment to collaboration and his belief in the power of community have laid the foundation for a network of individuals and organisations working together towards a common goal – making a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of those most in need.

Through the Kofi Gyekye Foundation, Gyekye offers support for the technical and creative aspirations of the African diaspora, nurturing the skills and ventures of its community.

His vision for the Foundation is grounded in his belief in the power of community and collaboration, creating a network of individuals and organizations working together towards a common goal.

In conclusion, Kofi Gyekye is a Ghanaian entrepreneur and creative industries expert who has become a prominent figure in Africa’s entrepreneurial scene.

With his expertise in both technology and the creative industries, Gyekye has recognized the potential for innovation at the intersection of these two fields.


Shanice Mills Founder and MD of KallureContributor

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