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Through our platform, we aim to foster inclusivity and bridge the digital divide by providing resources, guidance, and opportunities for skill development.

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Join us in exploring the limitless possibilities of technology and its transformative impact on the Black community.

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Driving African Dreams

Driving African Dreams


In the heart of Angola, a transformative wave led by visionary entrepreneur, Bruno Pegado, is reshaping the contours of the automotive industry.

Beyond the realm of business, Pegado’s endeavors with Pegado Motors signify a deeper commitment – an ode to Africa’s boundless potential. Dive in as we explore how this stalwart is steering an entire continent towards a future that’s not just #MADE #IN #AFRICA, but profoundly for Africa.

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“Revolutionary AI Breast Cancer Screening Technology Shows Promising Results”


Doctors in Hungary are testing the effectiveness of AI software for spotting cancer, including breast cancer. Early results show that AI systems are at least as capable as radiologists at detecting cancer, and Hungary has become one of the largest testing grounds for the technology on real patients. Clinics and hospitals in the US, UK, and EU are also beginning to test or provide data to help develop the systems. However, there are still many obstacles to overcome before the technology can be more widely adopted. Additional clinical trials are needed to show the tool can produce accurate results on women of all ages, ethnicities, and body types, and can cut down on false positives that are not cancerous. The technology has also sparked a debate over whether it will replace human radiologists, with makers of the technology facing regulatory scrutiny and resistance from some doctors and health institutions. However, many experts believe that the technology will only be effective if it is used in partnership with trained doctors.

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Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan Expands Business Empire


Raekwon, a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan and successful solo artist, understands the importance of engaging with fans during tours. He appreciates their support, which has spanned three decades since the release of the iconic album, “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).”

Raekwon’s business ventures, which include a wine brand and cannabis strains, have taught him valuable lessons about the music industry’s cutthroat nature. He emphasizes the need for a strong team in both business and music, stating that without one, you risk being “run over bulldozer style” in the competitive landscape.

Raekwon believes in building a brand and making sacrifices to move forward. Sometimes things don’t go your way, but keeping your eyes open and having a solid team can help achieve success.

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