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Tea & Chat with Diahanne Rhiney

Join me tonight, Friday the 2nd of June at 7pm for our 15th episode with two powerful and successful women.

Our topic for discussion ‘Trauma to Triumph’. 💪🏾

Ramona Phillips is from Philadelphia, PA and is a Ceo/Founder of Trauma Defeated .LLC.
She is a Healthy Mind Strategist, Certified Mental Health Coach, Fearless Visionary, Best Selling Author, Radio Host, Speaker, Presenter,Facilitator and a Certified Peer Support Specialist.
Ramona helps hurting people grow past trauma into authentic leadership regardless of their area of expertise.

Ramona Jones is a trauma informed mental well-being and inner healing advocate.
Ramona shares insights from her own journey to rebuild self-confidence and live a freer and more fulfilling life on the other side of divorce from a serial cheater and unavailable love. Her vocations include user experience design, writing, and organizational development practician.
Ramona is also the author of two books, From Tongue, To Ear, To Heart: So Says The Wise, and Your Legacy Voice: The Prelude To Your Breakthrough.
She is also a coauthor in the two-volume book, Tear The Veil, in which the 18 Fearless Visionaries share their “pain to triumph” stories as part of a mission to restore hope and heal individuals, families, and communities.

This is not an episode you want to miss so set your alarms 🚨 tonight, Friday 2nd June at 7pm and check out our Tea & Chat.☕️

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