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Rebuilding Trust: A Day of Positive Community Engagement with Met Police

“Yesterday, an extraordinary event unfolded at Lambeth Town Hall, as my nephew James and I, the founders of Sit Up & Stand Up 2 Knife, attended the Met Police AS BCU (Lambeth & Southwark) Community Engagement Day.”

By Rachel DuncanContributor

The Inspiring Journey of PC Nigel Pearce, PC Ella Davenport, and the Met Police AS BCU (Lambeth & Southwark) Engagement Team

Rebuilding Trust: A Day of Positive Community Engagement with Met Police

Rebuilding Trust: A Day of Positive Community Engagement with Met Police

This gathering aimed to bring together the community partners with whom the police have been actively engaging over the past two years.

The sight of diverse community representation in the room spoke volumes about the positive progress made through these engagement efforts.

At the heart of this transformation stands the remarkable engagement team.

It all began with the presence of the amazing PC Nigel Pearce, whose unwavering dedication and commitment were truly commendable. Shortly thereafter, the team was joined by the wonderful PC Ella Davenport, further enhancing their impact.

Over time, this engagement team has grown into one of the most successful, supportive, and caring groups I have encountered in a very long time.

What sets this team apart is their unique style of engagement, which has successfully rebuilt trust within the community.

It’s essential to note that this didn’t happen overnight; it required open and honest conversations, months of meetings, and the gradual building of relationships based on trust.

A Day of Positive Community Engagement with Met Police

There were times when the team had to step back, digest the feedback received, and seek to understand the pain and trauma experienced by the community due to negative interactions with the police.

They transformed these insights into action, following through on their promises with the utmost respect and grace.

Personally, one of the highlights of the day for me was the opportunity to bring more community representatives into this space.

It is my sincere hope that these connections will foster new relationships and further strengthen the bond between the police and the community they serve.


A Day of Positive Community Engagement with Met Police

For James’ grandmother, who lived through the Brixton Uprisings and experienced the oppressive SUS Law, the highlight of the day was hearing the stories of positive engagement from the community.

Witnessing true community policing filled with trust, understanding, learning, and love was a significant milestone for her.

She had longed to see such positive changes in her lifetime, and this event provided her with hope and reassurance. James himself was initially anxious about returning to Brixton, but he was welcomed with love and care by both the engagement team and the community.

His personal highlight was the opportunity to see PC Ella before her departure from the Met Police and the UK for a new life abroad.

Ella has become his favorite police officer, which brings a smile to our faces, even if it may cause some friendly banter between her and PC Nigel.


PC Nigel

PC Nigel

To PC Nigel and PC Ella, affectionately known as “Nigella,” I extend my deepest gratitude on behalf of the Sit Up & Stand Up 2 Knife Violence Campaign.

From the moment I conceived the idea to the countless random phone calls at all hours of the day and night, you have been unwavering in your support.

Your commitment to the community is exemplary, and we are immensely grateful for all that you have done and will continue to do.

Real change requires us to be the change we seek.

Nigel, Ella, and the entire engagement team are the epitome of positive policing and community engagement. Their tireless efforts in building and maintaining relationships within the community are an inspiring example for all Metropolitan Police boroughs.

There is much to be learned from their approach, and I firmly believe that by embracing their principles, other boroughs can forge stronger ties and work collaboratively towards a safer and more harmonious society.



The Met Police AS BCU (Lambeth & Southwark)

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