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"Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua"

“Africa Fashion Museum presents a groundbreaking Seniors Fashion Show in collaboration with renowned designer Malik Afegbua, challenging ageism and celebrating the style and fashion sense of older individuals.”

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Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua"

Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua”

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam is breaking new ground by hosting a seniors fashion show in collaboration with renowned designer Malik Afegbua.

This groundbreaking event aims to challenge ageism in society and celebrate the style and fashion sense of older individuals.

The show will be held on 30-31 August 2023 and promises to be a memorable experience.

Malik Afegbua, a Nigerian contemporary artist, virtual reality curator, and film director, has gained international recognition for his unique creations.

His work caught the attention of Ruth Carter, the Oscar-winning costume designer behind the Black Panther films, who praised Afegbua’s innovative approach on social media.

The Seniors Fashion Show will feature older-looking models adorned in beautiful garments that blend traditional African Nigerian fashion with a futuristic and Afro-futuristic twist.

"Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua"

“Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua”

Afegbua’s imagination, combined with the use of AI software, brings these striking designs to life, pushing the boundaries of creativity and fashion.

As the Lead Visioner and Chief Executive Officer of Slickcity Media, Afegbua believes that his collaboration with AI allows for a reciprocal learning process.

He explains, “Artificial intelligence learns from us and learns from the World Wide Web. I try to learn from it as well. I try to learn how to talk to it, how to communicate better to get exact results from it.”

By exploring the possibilities of AI, Afegbua not only enhances his creative abilities but also contributes to the development of AI technology.

The collaboration between Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam and Malik Afegbua aims to challenge conventional notions of aging and demonstrate that fashion has no age limits.

By giving older individuals a platform to showcase their unique style, the event seeks to inspire and empower seniors, while also encouraging society to appreciate the diversity and beauty of fashion across all generations.

The seniors fashion show promises to be a spectacular display of creativity and inclusivity. Attendees will witness the harmonious blend of traditional and futuristic elements, as well as the confidence and elegance exuded by the models.

This event provides a unique opportunity to witness the intersection of art, fashion, and technology, all with a focus on promoting positive aging and breaking stereotypes.


"Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua"

“Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua”

Tickets for the Seniors Fashion Show can be purchased online through the Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam website.

This event is expected to attract fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and individuals passionate about challenging societal norms.

By attending this show, guests will not only enjoy a visual feast of unique designs but also contribute to the broader conversation surrounding ageism and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam and Malik Afegbua’s collaboration sets a significant precedent for the fashion world. By celebrating the beauty and style of older individuals, they are paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Through their innovative use of technology and creativity, they challenge preconceived notions and create opportunities for individuals of all ages to express themselves through fashion.

"Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua"

“Fashion Forward: Seniors Redefine Style with Malik Afegbua”

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, it is crucial to embrace and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

The seniors fashion show serves as a reminder that fashion is an art form without limitations, transcending age and societal expectations.

With events like these, the industry takes a step towards a more inclusive future, where everyone can confidently showcase their unique style and fashion sense.

The seniors fashion show, in collaboration with Malik Afegbua, promises to be a milestone event in Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam’s history.

By challenging ageism and highlighting the beauty of fashion in older individuals, this event will leave a lasting impact on the industry and inspire generations to come.

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