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Prem Rawat Brings Message of Peace to Brixton

“Renowned author and peace educator Prem Rawat recently brought his inspiring message of peace and inner fulfillment to Brixton. Organized by Pastor Lorraine Jones and the Celebrate Life team, the event attracted a diverse audience eager to hear Rawat's empowering words. Attendees left deeply moved, with renewed hope and a commitment to fostering peace within themselves and their communities.”


All Picture credit: Julia Cleaver/TPRF

Brixton, UK – June 9th, 2024: Renowned author and peace educator Prem Rawat visited Brixton, UK, to share his insights on peace and inner fulfillment.

The event, organized by Pastor Lorraine Jones with support from the Celebrate Life team, drew a diverse audience eager to hear Rawat’s empowering message.

Event Highlights and Impact

The event was marked by heartfelt testimonials from attendees who felt deeply moved and inspired by Rawat’s words. Here are some highlights from the post-event interviews:

Ben Darkwa, Movie Producer:
“I’m glad I came; I cannot believe how good this was. Honestly, I’ve taken so much out. It’s about the heart, and if we can work with the heart, we can achieve beyond boundaries.

For me, the biggest take-home message is knowing that heaven is here, now, it’s within me, and I can make the change. Me being here today, it’s almost like somebody up there said, ‘Ben, you need to be in it.’ So there’s a lot more to come—believe me, this is not the last you’re going to see of me!”

HE Reverend Atta Badu Snr, UN Peace Ambassador:
“In my country, Ghana, there is no peace; there are so many struggles. So this conference meant a lot to me. I liked the analogy he started with: you have to fix it before it breaks. When you lose someone, you can’t replace them.

The Bible says something that I want to quote here, he said: ‘God does not dwell within a temple made of hands, it dwells in you.’ So let’s allow peace to start from our own hearts.”

Amma, Recently Bereaved Mother:
“Pastor Lorraine is a light to my family; I don’t know where I would be today without her supporting us. When we heard today that she is a light, it’s true, she is a proper light. She invited me today to come and see the man who spoke. And I’m so glad she did.

There’s one word that he said that ‘peace is within you,’ I’ve never heard that word before. The peace that I’m looking for, the comfort, the healing, has to start from me first. So I’m very happy, thank you.”

Atta Badu Junior, UN Peace Ambassador:
“This event was very, very good. When Prem talked about fixing it before it’s broken, that really challenged me. He talked about our hearts. We need to be peaceful. Peace means everything to me.”

Ania Pawlik, Animator and Artist:
“This event was empowering in an easy and uplifting way. I’m very happy and honoured that I’m one of the many people who has seen Prem. I’m going to pass this on to some of my friends. Spread the seeds.”

Titii Orinoko, Musician:
“The event was beautiful. It was very moving, it was very heartfelt. The takeaway message is to fix things before, not after. That was super-deep. Let’s carry on the work and speak to whoever is ready to listen.”

Sondes Jelassi, Animator and Artist:
“I’m very happy to be here at this event. It’s very inspiring and enlightening. As an artist, I can feel his words.

If I think deeply about what he said, I can imagine this candle with the light that is surrounded by darkness, but with each touch, it can light all the candles around, and I think this is a beautiful message of hope.”

Mudibu, Burundian Artist:
“To finally be in the same room as Prem is very special. My soul has been fed today.

Mrs Lorraine is a powerhouse. She was already a powerhouse by herself, and then to have another powerhouse come as a candle, light her up—I thought my light was on, but it got more flame on today.

I want to bring Prem’s peace organization to my country [Burundi]. Our people are so broken, we need action-based efforts. Thank you to the team of Celebrate Life, it’s very heart-warming. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Monique, Mother:
“For me, it was important to come, to hear the message, and support Lorraine. The takeaway message was what Mr. Prem said because it brought me peace.

He said that to find peace, you have to look within yourself, and that’s very important. I don’t want to go too deep into it, but I’m facing a lot of problems, and we need to see this knife crime stop.”

Kheron Gilpin, Ubuntu Round Table Project:
”Today’s event was an incredible reminder that peace is possible. The whole idea of peace education resonates with me greatly.

Today one of the key takeaways is that peace is within, and everything you need is within you, and all you have to do is access that. That’s what was really affirmed today at the event. We’re all candles, and by engaging with others, we can rekindle that flame.

What a reminder to have! That’s such a beautiful encouragement, to see someone that lives it. And I think everyone left feeling inspired. Be in awe of the ripple effect; you can impact someone peacefully and gracefully, and they can carry that wave far beyond your imagination. So Peace Y’all!”

Mary Chinyere, Director of Local Nearby Community Centre in Angell Town:
“Today’s event was great encouragement to continue to help as much as I can.

There was an example of that today, as I was coming. Two boys were fighting, and their friends were watching, not helping. As a parent, I had to help, I separated them, and they were happy that I did.

I want to say what you people are doing is very, very good. We did the Peace Education in Angell Town in my Centre, and it was really a very good message for all of us.

And we still live with it since then, and we remember it, and it helps us to make peace within ourselves and then try to pass it on to others within themselves too.”

Credit to Julia Cleaver/TPRF

Charlie Gracie, PEP Attendee:
“It’s not so much a thing that’s said, it’s the mood in the room, the feeling—hope! Yeah, it’s like everybody has hope after today, a sense of progress. It’s not like we heard something interesting that we’ll forget ten minutes later; everybody was on the same feeling, that there was something good that could come from this.”

“Prem Rawat's visit to Brixton left a lasting impact on all who attended, fostering a renewed sense of hope, peace, and community. The collaborative efforts of Pastor Lorraine Jones and the Celebrate Life team ensured that Rawat's empowering message reached those who needed it most, sparking a ripple effect of positivity and peace that will continue to resonate far beyond the event.”




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