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“As a human society, we cannot continue to ignore the contribution of Africa to the modern day. Science and biblical studies give irrefutable evidence that all civilization started in Africa. What we see in the western world is a case of; the tree branch (Modern society) growing so strong, only to hate its own root (Ancient Africa). My parents raised me to love and embrace my African history, in which I hope to share with the world. My goal is to raise the awareness of the miseducation of Ancient Africa and re-educate in its true context.”

-Emmanuel Kulu, Jr.

African Historian Emmanuel Kulu, Jr. brings to light the Untold truths of African history and its connection with the origins of humanity.

In this deep thought-provoking, ground-breaking, and historically revealing talk, he challenges a racial bias curriculum that has omitted the key missing piece to the human story; Africa.

Emmanuel Kulu, Jr. is an African Historian/Author of Cameroonian descent (Zulu/Bantu Tribe).

As an African Historian, Kulu has traveled (Nationally & Internationally) giving lectures, seminars, and conferences on the miseducation of African history at various high schools, colleges, and universities.

Based on his thorough research, Kulu created a historical fiction adventure series based on true events; “”I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power & “”I, Black Pharaoh: Golden Age of Triumph””.

These novels were published and released in 2020 and 2021 respectively, by Pen it! Publications. Both novels restore the true African imagery of Ancient Egypt (Kemet). In 2022, Kulu founded A.A.A.R.I.A (Ancient African Antiquities Research Institute of America), with the mission of creating a Middle & High School curriculum of African studies.

This curriculum will provide educational diversity and a new understanding of the inclusion of African studies within World history for educators and students.


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