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London, UK - Lateral Theory has launched BRKIN Bread; the world’s first audiovisual podcast for the hungry mind. BRKIN Bread features guests from the community, media, finance, business and corporate worlds.


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MIX of Come Dine with Me and BBC Question Time

Mix of Come Dine with Me and BBC Question Time

Guests are invited to  dinner to debate and discover over a delicious three-course meal, expertly curated by African or  Caribbean Chefs.

All dinner guests are diverse in several areas, including background, ethnicity  and ideology, which creates spicy conversations. BRKIN Bread is about the art of conversation.  It is an invitation to understand all sides and to be understood. 

BRKIN Bread takes all the best parts of the ‘roundtable’ and ‘bantercast’ formats and breathes  new life into both because the dinner guests do not know each other or the topics of  conversation until they are at the table.

BRKIN Bread is a moderated conversation where all  politically correct, incorrect, controversial or counter-cultural views are welcome. All positions  are open for challenge. BRKIN Bread is where you will hear, listen to, watch and become part of  organically authentic, unfiltered discussions.  

Lateral Theory Founder Sabrina Clarke says, “BRKIN Bread is designed to bring back the art of  conversation. It is a demonstration that we can disagree without being disagreeable. That we  can respectfully challenge perspective while enjoying great company over a meal.” 

So far, the episodes have featured dynamic and controversial topics, including:  

  • The appointment of Rishi Sunak as UK Prime Minister 
  • Democracy in the UK 
  • The Ukrainian refugee crisis 


Balancing out the serious subject matter are some seemingly ‘easygoing’ questions around:  

  • What comes first on the scone? Cream or jam?  
  • Where do you like to sit on an aeroplane? Aisle or window?  

BRKIN Bread is out now and is available on YouTube, Apple, Google, and Spotify and all  major podcast platforms. 


Black Wall St. MediaContributor
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