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Black & Blue Legends '23 – A Night to Remember

“Relive the unforgettable night at the Black & Blue Legends '23 event! 🎉🎶 Check out the article to see inspiring speeches, mesmerizing performances, and heartwarming moments from the evening.”

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A Night of Celebration and Inspiration The Black & Blue Legends ’23 event was a night to remember, filled with inspiring speeches, outstanding performances, and unforgettable moments.

Black and Blue Legends ’23 – A Night to Remember

Hosted by the fantastic Sirayah-Shiraz Koraltan and Jamil Olweny, the event brought together football enthusiasts, community supporters, and legends of the game. The event partners, including The ONE Group, QPE, the PFA, and Chelsea Football Club, played a crucial role in making this event possible.

The Opening Speech by Lord Finkelstein The event commenced with a powerful speech by Lord Daniel Finkelstein, setting the tone for the evening. He emphasised the significance of diversity at Chelsea Football Club and acknowledged the impact of Paul Canoville’s legacy.

Lord Finkelstein’s words resonated with the audience and left a lasting impression.

Raphael and Christian Discuss Literacy Reading Program Following Lord Finkelstein’s speech, Raphael Frascogna, CEO of the PCF, engaged in a meaningful discussion with Christian Mba, Assistant Principal of Kettering Buccleuch Academy (KBA). The conversation revolved around their plans to develop a literacy reading program using Paul’s award-winning “Black and Blue” book as the core text.

They also explored Christian’s involvement with Ian Wright’s Twinning Project, which partners professional football clubs with prisons to drive educational outcomes.

Black and Blue Legends ’23 – A Night to RememberDuke Al Durham’s Captivating Spoken-Word Performance Duke Al Durham, an award-winning spoken-word artist, took the stage and delivered a mesmerizing performance.

He shared three poignant pieces, including one about his personal battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder, another honoring the US athlete Jesse Owens, and a special piece dedicated to Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Duke’s set concluded with a specially commissioned piece for the BBL event, celebrating Chelsea Football Club’s historic black excellence across both men’s and women’s teams.

Xaymaca and the Blue Creator Fund Xaymaca shared his exciting project, which was one of the two successful applications for the newly launched Blue Creator Fund. This initiative provides £15,000 in support for projects related to Chelsea and the community. Xaymaca plans to tell the story of Chelsea’s relationship with race through a film, featuring Paul Canoville as a central figure.

The Rhythmic Vibes of The Rum & Reggae Boys Given Chelsea FC’s rich history of connections with black-inspired music genres, the crowd was treated to a captivating performance by the renowned Ska outfit, The Rum & Reggae Boys. Their performance set the tone and energy for the event and provided a memorable experience for the attendees.

Mr Cee’s Covid Free Real OG Carefree Quiz Originally planned as “The Race” featuring Shaun Wallace, the “Dark Destroyer” from The Chase, this segment underwent a transformation due to unforeseen circumstances. The event continued with a panel quiz format hosted by the hilarious Mr Cee.

Team Conor-Chidge emerged as the victors, with Conor winning two tickets to the upcoming Chelsea vs. Man City match and Mark going home with a special framed tee shirt signed by Canners and Foundation Patron Omari Hutchinson. Charlie Johnston’s Exceptional Artwork Gift The incredibly talented Charlie Johnston graced the stage to present Paul with a one-of-a-kind charcoal and graphite artwork featuring Canners.

This gift was a testament to Paul’s impact and the appreciation of his legacy. It marked the second art piece contributed to the Foundation.

Black & Blue Legends '23 – A Night to Remember

Black & Blue Legends ’23 – A Night to Remember

A Panel Discussion with Black and Blue Legends

The event’s highlight was a panel discussion featuring three remarkable Black and Blue Legends. Ade Mafe, Chelsea’s first black coach, Ken Monkou, Chelsea’s first black “player of the year,” and Paul Canoville, Chelsea’s first black first-team player, shared their insights and experiences.

The discussion was expertly directed by event hosts Sirayah and Jam. Heartfelt Messages from Foundation Friends The big screen featured messages from Foundation friends, highlighting the significance of the event and the positive impact of the Foundation’s work.

A Night of Music and Celebration

As the event continued, the atmosphere turned into a lively celebration. The Rum & Reggae Boys delivered another thrilling performance, followed by DJ Jeff George’s reggae set and DJ Mastermind’s classic R&B and soul tunes.

King Canners himself took the mic for some stellar MC verses.

An Unforgettable Evening The Black & Blue Legends ’23 event was a night filled with inspiration, celebration, and unity. It brought together legends of the game, supporters of the Foundation, and individuals dedicated to making a positive impact.

The event’s success was a testament to the enduring legacy of Paul Canoville and the ongoing efforts of the Foundation.

The evening concluded with attendees enjoying the vibrant performances and creating lasting memories.

Special guests, including recording artist Heather Small, broadcaster Aaron McLean, television celebrity Sandi Bogle, and Chelsea content creator Matisse, added to the event’s charm.

The videos of these interactions and performances are available on their social media channels, allowing everyone to relive the memorable moments.

Thank you to everyone who made this night a success and allowing Black wall St. Media the opportunity to be part of a wonderful event.

We look forward to more incredible events in the future, continuing to celebrate diversity and make a positive impact.

Black Wall St. MediaContributor

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