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Besa Mumba

Africa’s youngest female Commercial Pilot, currently a Captain on a Cessna Caravan with ProCharter Zambia.

“If you have a dream, work hard you can get to where you want. I feel amazing! I hope the young people and women will be inspired by my story to also reach for their dreams and goals because I think the sky is not even the limit,”

While still a child, she developed interest in aircrafts, wanting to know how they fly. In high school, she decided that aviation was her future and planned to become a commercial pilot.

Immediately after high school, Captain Mumba undertook flight training in South Africa and qualified with a Private Pilot’s License. The following year, aged 16, she began her Commercial Pilot training in South Africa’s Flight Training Academy, where she qualified in 2015, the same year she turned 18.

She went on to acquire her Advanced Flight Training at SIMU Flight in Pretoria, before she was offered a job at Proflight Zambia.

In 2016, at age 19, she joined Proflight Zambia as a First Officer on a Cessna Caravan and continued to trailblaze year after year.

Besa Mumba is now a Captain on the same aircraft at Zambia’s largest air charter company – ProCharter Zambia. She flies visitors around Zambia, delivering them to their dream vacations.

This is empowering for young women! I have two grown up daughters in the US and so encouraging for this beautiful young girl to live out her dream! It takes confidence to fly and it’s easy to see her articulate that trait!

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