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There is a problem.


An issue in policing today whereby the mentality in the profession has led to the deplorable loss of life and a desperate need for resolution.

This is clear all over the world, even though recent cases in the US and the UK have brought this matter into focus.

As some of you know, I served proudly as an officer with the Metropolitan Police (London) for several years.

In that time, I learned a lot about the issues in policing and the same in society also.

It was akin to being wrenched out of the belief that bad things were what you heard about on the news and danger was a distant threat.

The reality is much darker than that. Danger is here and now.


Modernity has allowed many to become soft and weak, with no focus on the importance of being what we are supposed to be.

I have no doubt that I will upset some people here, but here goes.

Toxic masculinity is not a consequence of the manifestation of strong men. No, it is a result of the widespread acceptance and championing of weak men. Society does not need weak men. It needs strong men, raised in stable homes and an education system which does not muddy the waters with lessons on gender dysmorphia or identity politics.

My focus is on men because that is what I am.

When society gives power to weak men of any race or nationality, the fallout is always catastrophic. Without a firm moral foundation on which to stand emotions and opinions become the arbiter, and nobody truly benefits.

This is not political. It is much more important than that. It is a humanitarian crisis which must be addressed if society is to progress without destroying itself sooner than you realise. One does not have to be religious to understand right from wrong.

This is not even something new. Societies have become turgid and apathetic, time and time again. Then they have collapsed. Look at the fall of Rome, global instability in recent years or the precursor to literally every single war ever fought! History continues to show us that societies fall when leaders undermine or disregard social contracts.

There is a need for a change in leadership as we have been led to understand it. There is no honour, no love as it should simply be. The root of love is to serve, to be kind and yes to protect.

And no, this is not a commentary in support of the great reset. The reality of that plan is a veiled continuation to benefit the rich at the expense of everybody else.

Change must begin with each of us.

How we treat our fellow human being. How we behave in our homes and with those close to us, or far from us. In the street, on the road, everywhere. What we stand for and how we write or speak. What we support and what we avoid. We must treat one another with respect. It is not a choice; it is a responsibility. If we do not turn our attention away from rampant consumerism and onto positive social growth, we will fall. All of us.

Real change begins in the heart, not at the ballot box.

It must begin with you.