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This Ghanaian researcher is championing inclusive workspaces in Australia

“Gloria Tabi, author and inclusion specialist, shares insights into her journey in Australia and the work she's doing to combat racism. Let's amplify diverse voices and advocate for everyday inclusion. ”

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white privilege

“I am deeply committed to creating a society where everyone can thrive and succeed without the fear of becoming a target of racism, abuse, or harassment,” expresses Gloria Tabi.

Hailing from Ghana and currently residing in Australia since the ’90s, Tabi, author of “Inclusive Teams & Workplaces: Everyone Wins!!,” sheds light on the persistent presence of the post-Victorian racial hierarchy, now recognized as white privilege, in contemporary Australia.

Tabi’s journey in Australia began with the intention to pursue environmental studies and return to Ghana to combat poverty.

However, life took a different course when she met her future husband at Western Sydney University (WSU).

Her experiences in Australia, coupled with witnessing exclusionary practices rooted in white privilege, fueled her decision to pursue a Master’s of Research at WSU later in life. Her research focuses on race, Black identity, and anti-racism initiatives.

As an inclusion specialist, Tabi addresses her encounters with white privilege in Australia and how they led her to become an advocate for inclusion:

“In my 20s, I was unsure about my path. Growing up in Africa, my parents emphasized the power of education to uplift us from poverty. Despite my desire to give back to the community, it took time to find my way.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, I worked with young adults facing long-term unemployment, offering training and employment mentoring.

This experience exposed me to societal inequalities and white privilege.

Continuing in this sector, I later worked as an engagement officer at a university, where I observed and personally experienced exclusionary practices rooted in white privilege.

The pivotal moment came in 2020 with the killing of George Floyd, sparking my research on social analysis and inequities.

Through Voice Everyday Racism, I provided a platform for marginalized individuals to share stories of racism, microaggression, and bullying. Witnessing their fear of repercussions, I launched Everyday Inclusion to support leaders in creating inclusive workplaces.

Volunteering on the board for the Parents and Citizen Association of New South Wales, I contribute to supporting local high school principals and advising on school policies.

For me, creating a society free from racism and harassment holds the utmost importance. My experiences of exclusion, especially in the workplace, have shaped this commitment.

Employee engagement, workplace diversity, and inclusion are imperative. Diversity fosters creativity, and inclusion fulfills the basic human need for belonging.”

Gloria Tabi emphasizes the necessity of an inclusive workplace, providing insights and advice for fostering diversity and creating a supportive environment.

white privilege

Tabi’s passion for societal change extends beyond personal experiences, as she actively engages in initiatives to transform workplace cultures and empower marginalized communities.

She emphasizes the significance of employee engagement, workplace diversity, and inclusion, recognizing them as essential components of a thriving and innovative work environment.

In Tabi’s own words, “Diversity in thoughts and ideas encourages creativity and innovation. Inclusion is a basic human need to feel a sense of belonging.”

Her dedication to dismantling systemic barriers and fostering an inclusive workplace stems from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized groups, particularly those navigating the complexities of white privilege.

As an advocate for change, Tabi’s efforts extend to creating platforms like Voice Everyday Racism and Everyday Inclusion, where stories are shared, and solutions are sought to address issues of racism, microaggression, and bullying.

Through these initiatives, she aims to amplify the voices of the marginalized, providing a safe space for dialogue and understanding.

Additionally, Tabi’s involvement in volunteer work, serving on the board for the Parents and Citizen Association of New South Wales, showcases her commitment to supporting educational institutions and contributing to policy decisions.

By advising on school policies and collaborating with local high school principals, Tabi actively participates in shaping environments that promote inclusivity and equality.

For Gloria Tabi, the pursuit of an inclusive society goes beyond personal aspirations.

It’s a commitment to dismantling discriminatory practices, fostering understanding, and creating spaces where everyone, regardless of their background, can thrive.

white privilege

Through her multifaceted approach, Tabi continues to inspire positive change in workplaces, communities, and beyond.

Black Wall St. MediaContributor

Everyone Wins!!!

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