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The Nationality and Borders Bill passed in the House of Commons yesterday with a majority of 67 votes and now makes its way to the House of Lords.

There’s been much scrutiny of this Bill with much of the focus on the impact Clause 9 will have on diminishing the citizenship rights of large numbers of mainly Black and Brown people and the attack on refugees and people seeking asylum whom this Bill seeks to criminalize and dehumanise, in large parts.

There was never any doubt that the government would secure a majority despite all of the warnings of the implications.

So too, there was never any doubt that those who work with people affected by this Bill, a much larger group of people than most might realize, would justifiably raise this Bill as an onslaught on human rights and international law, impacting on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Amnesty International provides a useful factsheet below on the facts versus the claims.

Jacqui McKenzie

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