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Nature can be fully saved through love from people

“There’s nothing more powerful than a humble person with a warrior spirit who is driven by a bigger purpose” 

5th Avenue Official Breakfast Blues Live! Sunday 21st November 2021 by 5th Avenue Official


A Young Man’s Journey in Life That Turns into a Lifetime of Events
A life of love, Hate, violence, and extremities ensues in and around Troy’s life. How will this young man from the country integrate into city life and handle the pressure of ‘life’ on the other side.
Peer pressure, to belong to or to join a gang is real and prevalent in today’s young society Consequences is a true story of a young man who unwittingly gets drawn into a gang because of the need to belong. Troy loves his friend Mark and is fiercely protective of him, but his protective ways soon require him to devise a scam that lucratively makes money for the benefit of the Darcy crew!

Crushed to Sparkle


No longer will you need to suffer in silence. No longer will you be invisible. No longer will you not be heard. Now you have a real opportunity to change your thinking and change your life!
This book was written personally for you! I heard your cry for help. I heard your need to find a new family member or a new trusted friend. I came because you called — I heard your voice! Allow me to wipe your tears, to give you a hug, to reassure you that this too will pass. You will RISE UP, you will be successful in life.
Listen, I know what it feels like to be rejected. To make difficult choices that may have deep emotional, psychological and possible physical scarring. I know what it feels like to be a subject of ridicule or to be heavily in debt. I know what if feels like to be ostracised. I know what it feels like to be constantly criticised, to be overlooked for opportunities. To be mocked, jeered, demeaned, publicly humiliated and used as a scape goat, to name a few examples. This has happened to me by my own family, supposedly “good” friends, work colleagues, bosses, educational establishments, Banks, LPA/OPG, Council, partners and others.
What you are holding right now in your hands is an invaluable tool, designed to change and transform your life. This gift is a highly interactive self-help discovery tool kit. This is your new dawn, your new birth of life, to help you be the best version of yourself. It is all about keeping it real, honest, authentic and genuine.
There is no theory, just practical suggestions and applications, if you chose to use them. It is purposefully engaging to help guide, enable, empower and support you to find out that you are truly an enlightened warrior, King or Queen.
If you want to have a more fulfilling and abundant life, then you really need get to know yourself! So if you are willing to:
1.   Break DOWN and analyse who you are
2.   Build UP and see that you have talents within that will create the life you desire
3.   Break THROUGH and know that you know that you know! There will be obstacles in your life; however, you have the tools to get through them.
4.   Break FREE to be the best version of yourself and help others to do the same, to create a better world and respect and value yourself, others and Mother nature’s environment.

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