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5th Avenue Official Breakfast Blues Live!

by 5th Avenue Official

Only a few sounds can genuinely say they represent the Street sound brand, one of those is 5th Avenue. Hailing from South London, they have consistently taken entertaining to new heights, with Selectors Danger, Sweet Vibes and MC Hollywood.  

They have an infectious style that will leave you musically wanting more. From the UK to the Caribbean, they have been expanding the brand of the Street sound culture worldwide.

Breakfast Blues every Sunday 9-midday. Three hours of original soul music mixed up with slow jams from era’s 2000 until 2021 not to mention amapianio, dancehall and 80s boogie to finish off the morning. The usual “Situation Room” with a confession from moi, I dropped the bag and don’t forget “Rubbings Corner”, three back-to-back revivals…

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