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Event Report.

Procedural Justice in Focus: Building Trust and Legitimacy in Black Communities

“Explore the recent Police Race Action Plan (PRAP) Engagement Day, where ideas collided, perspectives were shared, and a collective commitment to reshaping the future of policing emerged. Join the conversation as we unpack the highlights, inspiring moments, and the transformative spirit that defines this journey towards inclusive law enforcement.”


On Friday, February 23rd, a significant event unfolded in Birmingham – the national engagement day for the Police Race Action Plan (PRAP) titled ‘The Police Race Action Plan – Whose Plan is it Anyway?’.

It was a day marked by constructive dialogue, shared insights, and a collective commitment to fostering positive change within law enforcement.

As an attendee, I found it a privilege to be part of a diverse gathering that spanned various backgrounds and organizations. The focus was clear – to collaboratively discuss the priorities for the PRAP moving forward and provide honest feedback crucial to its success.

The value of meeting face-to-face was evident, fostering networking, idea-sharing, and the healthy challenge of perspectives.

Speakers from West Yorkshire Police, West Midlands Police, Avon and Somerset Police, and Thames Valley Police delivered powerful testimonials on the impactful work taking place across the nation in support of the PRAP.

Their narratives showcased collaborative efforts and innovative approaches to improving relationships between the police and Black communities, particularly young people.

Left) Doreen Sinclair (Elevated Minds CIC) and Right T/Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dr Alison Heydari, Programme Director for the Police Race Action Plan.

Doreen from Elevated Minds, Derek from Tapin, Nigel from the Best Practice Consultancy, and Elaine from Mentoring Lab shared their remarkable work, highlighting the positive impact of community engagement.

A crucial theme that resonated throughout the event was the application of Procedural Justice principles in engaging with Black communities.

Establishing trust, confidence, and legitimacy is paramount, and the recognition of exceptional practices in police services nationwide underscored the need to build on this foundation while exploring new avenues for progress.

The term “anti-racism in the DNA of the police service,” coined by ACC Dennis Murray from Thames Valley Police, encapsulates the essence of the PRAP – a cultural shift aimed at growing the best aspects of policing and fostering innovation.

The call for honesty, humility, and reflection echoed in the room, emphasizing the collective responsibility to reshape policing for the betterment of Black communities, with the belief that this transformation would benefit all.

Pastor Matthew Hopley’s poignant reminder about the beating heart of opportunity reinforced the urgency of making a lasting difference while we are alive.

The event’s success was evident not just in attendance but in the willingness of individuals to contribute ideas, showcasing the inspirational energy and passion present.

Special acknowledgment goes to the dedicated PRAP team working behind the scenes, orchestrating the success of ‘The Police Race Action Plan (PRAP) – Whose Plan is it Anyway?’. Their efforts were instrumental in making this event a meaningful step toward positive change.

Dr. Alison Heydari’s recent appointment as the Programme Director for the Police Race Action Plan adds an exciting dimension to this ongoing initiative. Her wealth of experience and leadership will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the continued success and evolution of the PRAP.

As we eagerly anticipate updates, the engagement day serves as a testament to the collective commitment towards a more inclusive, just, and community-oriented future within law enforcement.

Watch this space for the unfolding chapters of progress ignited by the PRAP and the collaborative efforts of individuals, organizations, and communities alike.

"Attending the Community Engagement Event for the Police Race Action Plan was an enlightening experience. Thanks to Michael Wallace QPM and the KickOff@3 Team for their tireless dedication to breaking down barriers and working with youth. It was inspiring to see partners like Shaun Pascal from Elevated Minds CIC and Savia Rocks come together for this important discussion. Together, we're contributing to the delivery of the PRAP and shaping a more inclusive future."

Venessa Swaby (Bobb)Founder at A2ndvoice CIC and Autism Thrive Services Limited with expertise in Social Networking and Creative Direction

"Representing UK Black Pride alongside Sadiyq Ibrahiim at the National Police Chiefs' Council's event in Birmingham was an honor. Dr. Alison Heydari's opening address set the tone for collaborative efforts to shape the Police Race Action Plan. It's crucial that community voices, especially those from marginalized groups, are heard and recognized in this process.

Guest speakers like Doreen Sinclair-McCollin and James Watkins added valuable perspectives, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and transparency. Procedural Justice principles, including voice, neutrality, respect, and trust, were highlighted as essential for building trust with the Black community.

We must work together, listening without judgment or discrimination, to ensure the success of the PRAP. Transparency, honesty, and commitment from both the police and the community are key to fostering trust and confidence."

Saba Ali FRSAGender Equity and Voice of the Voiceless

Gratitude beyond words to Venessa Swaby (Bobb) and A2ND Voice for their unwavering support on our journey with Kickoff@3. Together, we've shown that this is more than just a game—it's about empowering our youth and community. With Venessa's heartfelt words in Birmingham, we're reminded that 'It Takes A Village' to make a difference. #WeBelieve

Michael Wallace QPMCo - Founder of Kickoff @3

"Our participation in the #NPCC RaceActionPlan event in Birmingham was crucial in highlighting the urgent need for inclusivity within policing. Dr. Alison Heydari PhD and other speakers emphasized the imperative of addressing inequalities faced by Black individuals in law enforcement. It's time to collectively work towards closing these gaps and fostering better relationships between police and the Black community nationwide. Policing should be about better citizenship and serving by consent, not perpetuating discrimination. Let's eradicate racism from our police forces and strive for a more just society."

Dixie-Ann JosephChairwoman of Elevated Minds CIC

Attended the National Police Chiefs' Council #RaceActionPlan event in Birmingham, uniting policing colleagues nationwide. Inspired by innovative approaches to engage, connect, and understand black heritage communities. Highlight: Local groups like #MainzWorld making a real impact. Emphasizes the need to eradicate racism and bias in policing. Challenges lie in reaching those not in the room—denying the existence of racism. Kudos to Ron Lock and organizers for a commendable event.

Farhan HayatChair of Race network SPACE at Surrey Police & national cabinet member of the NBPA.

Another great opportunity to network with the community & colleagues across the country in Birmingham today. We really do rely on community trust, confidence & support to be able to police effectively. That involves reaching out, listening, learning and acting on feedback.

Jonathan Solé-BradshawMet Police Inspector

It was an honor to participate in the PRAP engagement event and showcase the impactful initiatives of Elevated Minds. Our commitment to the Police Race Action Plan is evident in our programs aimed at enhancing the relationship between police officers and Black heritage communities, particularly youth.

The Elevated Voices Project stands out as a youth-driven initiative designed to provide insights for the UK's Police Race Action Plan. Through this national youth consultation program, we'll conduct 24 sessions across 8 cities in England, engaging over 1,400 young people from various educational backgrounds. These sessions will cover all four workstreams of the PRAP, fostering dialogue and collaboration.

We're proud to collaborate with the Metropolitan Police and local forces in each city to strengthen community ties. Following the program's completion, an analysis, evaluation, and recommendations will be submitted to Dr. Heydari, PhD. Individual reports will also be shared with each city visited and made public, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Doreen SinclairCo - Founder of Elevated Minds CIC



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