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Nicola Williams: Book Duo and TV Series!

“"In the interplay of words and worlds, Nicola Williams crafts narratives that resonate beyond the confines of a page, echoing the tales of our times."”

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Nicola Williams Strikes Gold: Lands Two Book Deal and A TV Series Adaptation

Nicola Williams: Book Duo and TV Series!

Nicola Williams: Book Duo and TV Series!

Nicola Williams is on a roll, and her fans couldn’t be happier. Known for her riveting narrative in Without Prejudice, she’s back with her protagonist, barrister Lee Mitchell, in an exciting new legal thriller, The Advocate’s Devil.

This comeback is special for more than one reason, as Hamish Hamilton’s Assistant Editor, Hannah Chukwu, confirms a two-book deal for Williams. The rights were procured by Jonathan Ruppin from The Ruppin Agency & Writers’ Studio.

Hannah couldn’t contain her excitement as she remarked, “Nicola Williams’ writing stands out with its raw energy, deep insights into race, class, and authority, and her unique ability to narrate complex stories. She’s indeed a trailblazer in this genre, and we’re elated to join her on this journey.”

Diving into the heart of the narrative, The Advocate’s Devil places Lee Mitchell, a young barrister with Caribbean roots, right in the middle of a racially-charged conflict.

Drawing inspiration from Williams’ own life as a barrister, the story centers on a shocking incident: a pastor’s 15-year-old son is shot, and every clue points to the infamous Sergeant Jack Lambert, known for his racist and corrupt demeanor.

As the community erupts with “Black Lives Matter” protests, Mitchell finds herself torn between her personal convictions and professional duties. This riveting tale is set for a Spring 2023 release, with another book set to launch in 2024.

But that’s not all for Lee Mitchell enthusiasts. Studio Lambert has acquired the rights to adapt Without Prejudice into a TV series, ensuring that this compelling barrister’s story will be visualized on-screen.

“Working with Nicola to transform this fresh legal narrative into a series is truly exhilarating. We aim to present it in a way that resonates with today’s viewers,” says Susan Hogg, Head of Drama for Studio Lambert.

For those who might have missed it, Without Prejudice, originally released in 1998, was reintroduced to readers by Hamish Hamilton as part of the Black Britain: Writing Back series in 2021.

Bernardine Evaristo, who curated this series, commended Williams’ prowess, highlighting the sheer uniqueness and quality of her writing.

In response to all this buzz, Nicola Williams says, “I wanted to create a gripping legal drama that not only entertains but also reflects on real societal issues in the UK. My own time at the Bar has given me insights that I’ve poured into this narrative. Collaborating with Studio Lambert to bring this story to the TV audience is a dream come true. Additionally, with Hamish Hamilton backing me, I’m eager to delve deeper into Lee’s life in the upcoming books.”

Clearly, the literary and television world is set to witness Nicola Williams’ impactful stories in a big way, and audiences are here for it.

📚 Book Release Alert! 📚

Dive deep into the heart of the courtroom with the riveting new thriller that places barrister Lee Mitchell in the eye of a storm.

Background: From a humble Caribbean heritage, Lee is a beacon of resilience in the cutthroat legal world.

The Crime: A tragic shooting in South London. A 15-year-old boy, son of a local pastor, becomes a victim, shaking the community to its core. 

The Suspect: The notorious Sergeant Jack Lambert. Known for his questionable ethics and racist tendencies, even his superior believes he’s guilty. 🔍 The Dilemma: Lee, despite her reservations, is thrust into defending the very man the world seems to despise.

Amidst the powerful cries of ‘Black Lives Matter’, Lee finds herself grappling with blurred boundaries, lies, and a turbulent sea of emotions.

Will she rise above? Or will she be consumed by the quest for justice?

Grab your copy and join Lee as she asks the haunting question: How can she defend the indefensible?

Black Wall St. MediaContributor

Join me this Friday for another exciting episode of Tea & a Chat. ☕ This week will be discussing ‘Black, Female and all about the Law’ with our special guest Nicola Williams.

Nicola Williams, a part-time Crown Court Judge, acclaimed author, influential keynote speaker, and NED/Board member, holds a notable place among the UK’s top 100 influential Black individuals.

Her extensive legal career includes commentary on the OJ Simpson case and Ombudsman roles in the UK and abroad, notably as a Commissioner at the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Cayman Islands Complaints Commissioner.

She achieved ground breaking recognition as the first Service Complaints Ombudsman for the UK Armed Forces, reaching seniority unparalleled by most women and Black individuals in UK Defence. Nicola maintains multiple pivotal positions, including Chair of the Disciplinary Committee and Regulatory Board Member of the IFoA.

She also serves as a Trustee for Bridge Support, a mental health and drugs charity, and actively volunteers for Speakers for Schools. An accomplished author, Nicola wrote two legal thrillers, “Without Prejudice” and “Until Proven Innocent,” both published by Penguin.

⏰Set your reminders and make sure you don’t miss this week’s episode on Friday 3rd at 7 pm and watch live on LCBN 🚨

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