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Judicial Odyssey to Literary Landscape

“Delving into Rita Joseph-Olivetti's remarkable transition from a distinguished career as a High Court Judge to the captivating world of Caribbean literature.”

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The Red Door

The Red Door”: Navigating the Caribbean Tapestry with Rita Joseph-Olivetti


In the vivid realm of Caribbean literature, former Antiguan judge Rita Joseph-Olivetti emerges as a distinctive voice with her debut novel, “The Red Door.”

Writing under the pen name Rita Leone, this retired jurist, now residing in the scenic landscapes of Grenada, seamlessly blends her legal acumen and Caribbean roots to craft a compelling narrative that transcends time and space.

The Author’s Rich Tapestry:

Before delving into the pages of fiction, Ms. Joseph-Olivetti donned the robe as a High Court Judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC).

Her judicial journey spanned the Eastern Caribbean islands, Belize, and beyond, imprinting upon her a wealth of experiences that now enrich her storytelling.

In her retirement, she finds solace in Grenada, indulging in her passions for family, literature, and environmental advocacy.

The Red Door: A Journey Through Time and Struggle:

“The Red Door” unfolds as a potent drama, narrating the life of Jessica Cummings. Rooted in the impoverished Grenada of the 1970s, Jessica’s odyssey takes her to the Virgin Islands, guided by the allure of a wealthy lawyer.

Ms. Joseph-Olivetti intricately weaves together Grenadian patois and standard English, using a blend of flashbacks and present narratives as Jessica unfolds her life story behind the crimson door of her prison cell.

Themes Explored:

Esteemed lawyer Ms. Mary Francis of St. Lucia praises “The Red Door” as a must-read, emphasizing its transformation into a captivating tale of Caribbean society.

Through the lens of Jessica’s life, the novel offers a nuanced study of Caribbean colonial society, delving into societal expectations, social connections, and the enduring impact of status.

Inspirations and Informative Elements:

Acknowledging that her novel couldn’t have been birthed without personal inspiration, Ms. Joseph-Olivetti infuses “The Red Door” with elements drawn from her own life and legal career.

The novel, available as an Amazon e-book, stands as a literary exploration, informed by the author’s deep understanding of the legal landscape and her personal journey.

Jessie’s Choices and the Complexities of Caribbean Society: The narrative dives into Jessie’s choices in late 1960s Grenada, where societal connections often eclipsed educational pursuits.

Despite resigning herself to a life as a maid, Jessie’s decisions lead her to become a secret mistress, adding layers of complexity to her character.

The story unfolds in the Virgin Islands, exploring themes of privilege, betrayal, and Jessie’s relentless struggle for independence.

Obtaining “The Red Door”:

For readers eager to immerse themselves in Jessie’s exploits and unravel the layers of Caribbean society, “The Red Door” is available through Ariposa Dreaming Inc. in Grenada, Ali Solomon’s emporium in Grenville, Belmont Estates, St. Patrick’s, Art and Soul, The Standard Bookstore in St. George’s, PaperBased Book Store, and Normandie Hotel in Trinidad and Tobago, and Best of Books in Antigua and Barbuda.

“The Red Door” beckons readers to traverse a narrative that not only entertains but also reflects the intricate tapestry of Caribbean life.

Rita Joseph-Olivetti’s transition from the courtroom to fiction introduces a unique voice to Caribbean literature, promising a lasting impact on those embarking on Jessie’s journey through the enigmatic red door.

For more information and engaging insights, readers can connect with the author on Facebook or via email at

Rita Joseph-Olivetti, writing under the pen name, Rita Leone, who is a retired judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court headquartered in Castries St. Lucia. Ms. Leone takes a keen interest in environmental issues especially as they impact on her island home. Her book “The Red Door” is in the Drama Genre. Ms. Leone hails from Grenada.

The Red Door is available at

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