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History of Slavery, Colonialism, Rebellion and Servitude (Episode I)

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Grenada | An oral history

Grenada | An oral history

In his narrative on the Caribbean island of Grenada, Joachim (Sonny) Mark delves deep into its rich oral history.

Sonny takes readers on a journey, starting with the island’s first settlers, navigating through the turbulent waters of colonialism and slavery, highlighting the momentum towards the West Indian Federation, and culminating in Grenada’s eventual independence.

Within this historical tapestry, Sonny sheds light on key personalities who played instrumental roles in shaping Grenada’s destiny, with figures like Fedon, Donovan, and Marryshow standing out prominently.

Furthermore, Sonny intricately describes the vibrant traditions of Grenada, with special emphasis on the island’s iconic carnival.

He also explores the influence of the Catholic Church, acknowledging specific families that have been pillars of support and have made remarkable contributions to the church’s legacy in Grenada.

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