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“Step into the untold chapters of history with #TheUnknownSoldier by Alison Ray Dance Company! Join us on a journey of remembrance and discovery as we honor the Black British War Veterans through captivating choreography, live music, and evocative storytelling. Don't miss this poignant performance that sheds light on forgotten heroes and celebrates their enduring legacies.”

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Photographer Credit: Ashling Magill. Theophlious Alade and Rabimsha Berimbau player.

Unveiling the Untold: Alison Ray Dance Company Presents “The Unknown Soldier”

In the shadows of history, there are stories waiting to be unearthed, voices yearning to be heard.

Among these narratives lies the profound and often overlooked tale of the Black British War Veterans, whose sacrifices and struggles have too often been relegated to obscurity.

Now, through the compelling choreography and evocative storytelling of Alison Ray Dance Company, these untold stories are brought vividly to life in “The Unknown Soldier”.

Premiered to critical acclaim on the 7th of November 2020, and continuing its journey with a touring schedule for Autumn 2023/24, “The Unknown Soldier” is more than a performance—it’s a poignant homage to those who served, fought, and triumphed in the face of adversity.

Choreographed by the visionary Alison Ray MA and funded by the Arts Council, this interdisciplinary masterpiece seamlessly weaves together the mediums of dance, text, live music, and visuals to honor the Black soldiers who contributed to the British War Effort during WWI and WWII.

At the heart of “The Unknown Soldier” lies a captivating blend of dance styles, from the spirited rhythms of African and Caribbean movements to the poignant grace of contemporary dance.

The choreography serves as a vessel, carrying the audience through the tumultuous journey of these brave men and women as they navigate the perils of war and the complexities of identity.

Against a backdrop of uncertainty and ambiguity, the live music of the Berimbau and the Violin sets the tone, infusing the performance with a sense of poignancy and solemnity.

Central to the production is a cast of exceptionally talented performers, including two male dancers, one female dancer/singer, and three musicians.

Together, they breathe life into the narratives of Black soldiers such as Ulric Cross, Walter Tull, Lillian Bader, and Adelaide Hall, shedding light on their remarkable contributions and enduring legacies.

Supported by a dedicated production team and partners like the West Indian Association of Service Personnel, “The Unknown Soldier” is more than just a performance—it’s a testament to the resilience, courage, and spirit of those who served.


Photo credit: Ashling Magill.

Beyond the stage, “The Unknown Soldier” offers a wealth of educational and engagement opportunities.

Post-show talks provide audiences with insights into the creative process and the significance of the work, while educational workshops offer a deeper exploration of themes and techniques.

From music workshops featuring the Berimbau and the Violin to dance workshops incorporating elements of Caribbean, African, and Lindy Hop styles, there’s something for everyone to experience and learn.

As “The Unknown Soldier” continues to captivate audiences across the nation, its impact reverberates far beyond the confines of the stage.

It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of storytelling, of amplifying voices long silenced by history, and of honoring the sacrifices of those who came before us.

In a world where the past often threatens to fade into obscurity, “The Unknown Soldier” stands as a beacon of remembrance, ensuring that the legacy of Black British War Veterans lives on for generations to come.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of “The Unknown Soldier” as it tours the country.

Visit the Alison Ray Dance Company website for more information and booking details.

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“"History may forget their names, but our dance of remembrance ensures their stories live on." - Alison Ray”

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