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May I Touch Your Hair?

For decades, women of color have been subjugated under pressure to conform to what society has traditionally identified as standards of beauty when it comes to hair.

Women of color embrace a variety of hair textures and styles that are uniquely beautiful.

As a result, they have experienced microaggressions because of their hair–more so in professional settings.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with complimenting or inquiring about someone’s hair texture or style. It’s how it’s done that matters! No need to touch . . . unless you have an invitation to do so.

One’s personal space is like an invisible circle that surrounds you. If someone enters this circle, feeling uncomfortable is obvious.

Respecting others’ space is the most crucial factor when it comes to interacting with them and making them feel at ease with you.

Most people value their physical and emotional space and feel discomfort, anxiety, or anger when it is invaded. Have you ever experienced a situation where you feel unexplainably uncomfortable? Maybe it’s because of someone talking loudly beside you or someone standing too close for your liking.

Here’s the good news.

That kind of reaction doesn’t mean they are being a prickly, over-sensitive person . . . they are just wanting respect just like you. #MBAndrade

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