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Reliving 1980s Funk and Jazz

“Get ready to groove at the Saturday Love All-Dayer on June 22nd! Relive the funk and jazz memories of the 1980s with performances by Brit Funk Association, Atmosfear, and City Funk Orchestra. Food stalls, vinyl vendors, and legendary DJs await! Don't miss out on this soulful event in Broomfield Park, North London.”


Lovers of vintage 1980s American and Brit Funk and funk jazz will be in for a special treat on June 22nd when the Saturday Love All-Dayer comes to Broomfield Park, Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, N13 4HE.

From 1pm to 9pm, patrons will be entertained by Brit Funk royalty, the Brit Funk Association, legends Atmosfear, and the amazing City Funk Orchestra.

The Saturday Love All-Dayer, staged in collaboration with Friends of Broomfield Park, will also feature food stalls, a bar, vintage vinyl purveyors RetroSistaz, and much more.

Partly organised by veteran funk and jazz DJ and My Time café proprietor, Brian Lewis, the event will take enthusiasts attending the event back in time to the superb groups and grooves of the 1970s to the mid-1980s.

The constellation of star DJs manning the decks on the day include Richie Tee (Diverse Radio), Keith Robles (Crackers Radio), Richard Marzetti (Solar Radio), Peter Maynard (Soulbeat Radio), and Mr Jones (Café 432/Mi-Soul Radio).

The artistically creative music scene of the early 80s proved to be a strong influence on young North Londoner Lewis: “As an aspiring DJ, I loved spending hours in record shops getting the latest imported records.

Alongside leaders in Brit Funk such as Light of the World, Beggar & Co, Central Line, Freez, Atmosfear, Loose Ends, Lynx, High Tension and Imagination, I also listened to a lot of the American bands which influenced us. Among them were people like Roy Ayers, Grover Washington Jr, Ramsey Lewis, Parliament-Funkadelic, Earth, Wind & Fire, George Genson, Bobby Womack, Maze, Rick James, SOS Band and Wilbert Longmuir”.

“Of course, who could possibly forget the whole ‘Philly Sound’ – MFSB, Dexter Wansel and McFadden & Whitehead.”

According to Brian, North London venues were central to ‘spreading the good vibes’ of jazz, soul and funk in the early 1980s.

He says clubs like the Royalty in Southgate “were the catalyst for us being able to engage with this music. The likes of DJ Froggy, Chris Hill, Robbie Vincent, Greg Edwards and even Pete Tong were very active at the Royalty.

This gave birth to very entertaining All-Dayers and Soul Weekenders (Caister) which we absolutely loved and made it possible to get together with liked-minded funksters.”

Brian hopes the June 22nd event will reach across several generations, bringing along not only those who experienced the music four decades ago, but giving younger music lovers the chance to take in and enjoy the sounds of American and Brit Funk.

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