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Cultural Exchange in Action

Barbados Forum Drives Innovation in Filmmaking

“From April 15-19, 2024, global film leaders, celebrities, and media executives will converge to spark creativity, diversity, and innovation in filmmaking.”


UK film producers join celebrities, International media executives and award winning Ava DuVernay in Barbados for a 5-day Forum, 15-19 April 2024

Acclaimed Hollywood actress CCH Pounder, celebrated film producer Paul Garnes, international media executives and twenty-six high-level producers from Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa and a number of Caribbean countries will be in Barbados from April 15-19, 2024

The British Film Institute (BFI) will be among a stellar group of companies to support the first Cross Continental International Co-production Forum. (CCF).

Agnieszka Moody, BFI Head of International Relations, says: “We are delighted to support the Cross Continental Forum in Barbados. It is a great opportunity for the UK-based filmmakers to develop connections with filmmaking talent across the Caribbean region with rich cultural ties to the UK and Canada. Through this initiative, we look forward to enabling compelling, diverse stories told collaboratively from a new contemporary perspective finding their way to screens around the world.”

The first of its kind, CCF stands as a dynamic co-producing and business development forum, convening industry leaders, producers, and innovators from the United Kingdom, Canada, Africa and the Caribbean, for a collaborative exchange of ideas and opportunities that will result in new co-productions.

Established by, CaribbeanTales Media Group, Imagine Media International, and The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination at the University of The West Indies the inaugural official lineup of participants who will take part in upcoming Cross Continental International Co-production Forum, scheduled to take place in Barbados from April 15th to April 19th, 2024 have finally been announced. Six people from the UK will join participants from around the world for this historic initiative.

”We are excited to bring together a diverse group of international professionals to facilitate new co-ventures “ said Frances-Anne Solomon, CEO at CaribbeanTales Media Group.

”As film storytellers of the global south, with roots and connections around the world, we have access to incredible unharnessed stories that will resonate with all our audiences: Tall tales of struggle and overcoming adversity, of laughter and freedom, and the healing power of resilience and joy”.

This year, the forum’s guiding focus will centre on “Decolonizing the co-production process for the benefit of the Global South”.

“Our goal is to facilitate highly interactive networking opportunities resulting in successful long-term production partnerships.” said Lisa Wickham, President & CEO at Imagine Media International Limited.

“We expect the Cross Continental Forum to be a cornucopia of strong, untold, diverse stories.”



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