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November is Black Awareness Month in Brazil. The country has the largest Black population outside of Africa and it is the last one in the Americas to have abolished slavery. Brazil’s 1988 constitution made promises to amend the wrongs of the past but three decades later, Black Brazilians are still battling for their rights.
Housing policy in the United States has a long history of deepening segregation. Redlining, exclusionary lending, and targeted zoning laws have all played a role in isolating minority populations while simultaneously privileging white residents. Glad You Asked host Lee Adams wants to know how this happened, and what effect residential segregation has on your future.
Protests against Covid-19 measures have descended into violence on the streets of the French island of Guadeloupe. President Emmanuel Macron is calling the situation explosive. People have been angered by the government of France declaring all healthcare workers must be vaccinated against the virus. Everyone also has to carry proof they have had the injections. But people in Guadeloupe are resisting. They say they do not trust the vaccines, the authorities on the island or the French government.
Years of racism. Sexist and homophobic messages. A former officer has made a series of troubling allegations against Leicestershire police, which prides itself on representing a rich diversity of communities.

Skin lightening is an $8.6 billion industry. This woman is trying to stop it

For over a decade, Amira Adawe has devoted her life to putting an end to the skin lightening industry, particularly the use of creams that contain toxic levels of mercury. Here’s how she’s doing it.
Here Are 11 Of Our Favourite Black-Owned Brands That We Think You’ll Love
Essence magazine features Simone Biles, Nikole Hannah-Jones and Lizzo on its covers. The series is called “The Year of Radical Self-Care” to highlight the strong actions these women have taken to make sure they’re fulfilled. Black girl magic is finally at the forefront for the world to see!

Am I British?

Thousands of young people born or brought up in the UK are having their dreams destroyed or lives disrupted because of their immigration status. Reporter Greg McKenzie meets those who say they’re treated as second-class citizens. They can’t vote, can’t claim benefits, struggle to go to university and may even face deportation. Panorama investigates a Home Office policy that gives them a chance to stay in the UK, but which takes ten years and costs thousands of pounds. 


Jill Scott leads ‘Highway to Heaven’ movie series reboot for Lifetime
Racism & its effect
Your experiences affect your brain – and your brain affects your health.
Black scientists say UK research is institutionally racist



Launch of an evolved tube map dedicated to Black History in Britain

This film was made with the support of St Albans Museums, Active Lifestyles and Leeannas Wish.

Black Britain

What is it really like to be young, Black and British?

As part of the Black British Voices Project (, we hear from young black Britons on how it feels to be ‘Black and British in 2021.

Review: Lyttanya Shannon’s ‘Subnormal: A British Scandal’ Examines the Trauma of Systemic Bias
I was told people like me shouldn’t be on TV

In the South African city of Cape Town, real estate developers are being accused of putting the needs of the rich before the poor. People are being evicted from shelters to make way for new buildings. And the situation is drawing comparisons with the apartheid era – when Black South Africans were evicted from the inner city areas.

London is on track for the worst year of teenage murders on record. So far 26 teenagers have lost their lives in the capital in 2021. The youngest victim was a 14-year-old boy who was savagely killed with a sword. In some areas, the main reason is gang warfare. There are around 200 identified gangs in London – and of the top 20 most dangerous gangs in London, around seven are based in and around Tottenham. Sky’s investigative journalist Andy Hughes looks at why Tottenham is at the centre of so many gang-related murders this year.
‘We must tell our stories’
Lenny Henry introduces a Black British culture takeover
A New York judge on Thursday exonerated two men of assassinating Malcolm X. The iconic civil rights figure was gunned down in Manhattan in 1965. Muhammad Aziz and the late Khalil Islam were convicted, and imprisoned until the 1980’s. A 22-month review of the convictions by the district attorney’s office and lawyers for the two men found they had been wrongfully convicted. John Yang reports.

The government cannot ignore Black mothers any longer

Black mothers face institutional racism in our healthcare system and the evidence is stark

A New York City middle school will offer what some are describing as a controversial but optional two-day exercise for seventh and eighth-graders. They’ll have the opportunity, if they’d like, to divide into five racial groups to explore how race influences their experiences. The group that decides not to participate will discuss a question the principal writes as, “Why are we even talking about racial identity?” The principal, who’s Black, reportedly explained the details in a recent email to parents, and said she offered the option to students because she feels the school has not done a good job of addressing racial issues. Democratic strategist Bre Maxwell and social justice commentator Dr. Omékongo Dibinga join Charles Blow on “Prime” to discuss.
Young poet Giovanni Rose has won a prestigious poetry award with his piece Welcome to Tottenham. The teenager beat 6,000 other youngsters from around the world to win the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award.
BHM Live with Pursuit of Happiness CIC exploring ADPAC CIC civic solution partnerships to specifically serve the British African Diaspora. Forming policy from direct community consultation to establish effective initiatives that serve our needs and requirements. Full meeting here: Find out more about ADPAC CIC:… Contribute to ADPAC CIC: #Powernomics #WeMatter Join ADPAC CIC:
Rap Club is a charity with hubs in Croydon and Camden, helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to create their own material. It receives funding from BBC Children in Need.

Rev. Al Sharpton Debunks Myths About Black Fatherhood

Google Celebrates The Founder Of African Sign Language In New Doodle
Despite only making up around 6% of the global population, Indigenous people protect 80% of biodiversity left in the world. We spoke to six young Indigenous climate activists from the Ecuadorian Amazon, Chad, Alaska, Sweden, Indonesia and Australia about their people and culture – what we can learn from them about protecting our planet. Nina Gualinga, Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Charitie Ropati, Sara-Elvira Kuhmunen, Emmanuela Shinta and Amelia Telford also told us about what they want to see from world leaders at the Cop26 summit and what makes them hopeful about the future.
Unreported World follows a private investigator trying to track down the indigenous women going missing without a trace in the wilderness of the United States. Thousands of indigenous women are believed to be missing or murdered, leaving families and loved ones desperately trying to find answers. But often confusion over jurisdictions between federal, state and tribal authorities can mean that many police investigations become cold cases that are never solved. Now indigenous women across the United States are stepping up to find their women.

“By saying race has nothing to do with unemployment, you can’t fix the problem”

Lord Woolley
Benjamin Zephaniah:
‘When I was young you were either gay or straight – now it’s much more complex’
Homeland actor David Harewood tells the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme why he has been part of the Operation Black Vote campaign. Just over half of voters from ethnic backgrounds turned out to vote at the UK general election in 2010. That compares to around 67% of white voters.
Good news
Next Principal of Regent’s Park College Announced
In this week’s Bye Line, Jonathan Capehart calls out the narrative of dysfunction surrounding Vice President Kamala Harris, and shares his thoughts on the leader she could be.“Harris has great instincts. If she is to ever exercise presidential power in her own right she and her staff must start following them… the sooner Harris and her staff do that, the more successful she will be,” he said.»

The Met Police has launched its action plan, outlining how it plans to tackle violence against women and girls in London. Three women who play football during the evenings and travel back in the dark, tell us how safe they feel living in the city.

Anne Kemunto’s husband took his own life after struggling with depression. Her family has faced stigma in Kenya, where suicide is a taboo topic – and also a crime. The social stigma can be even worse for people who go through the criminal justice system because they attempted suicide. With at least 20 countries still treating suicide as a crime, campaigners are now calling for global decriminalisation by 2030.

J Cole’s Life Advice Will Leave You speechless and will make you reconsider your goals. His perspective on generating wealth in every area of life is Eye-Opening and will inspire you to be great. He also shares wisdom on how he manifested his dreams and created the life he wanted to live.

Jamaica Cold Pressed Juices set to change sugar cane narrative
The Making of 100 Great Black Britons By Patrick Vernon OBE


The news today includes: __ $16 Million For Christmas Cleanup __ MAJ Voices Vaccination Administration Concerns __ Jamaica Welcomes 6 Cruise Ships In One Week __ JAMPRO Exec Explains Innovation In Investments __ IMP Projects Economic Growth Of Over 8% For Jamaica __ Forex Trading __ Jamaica Stock Exchange __ Oil Prices __ First Pilot Carbon Assessment Carried Out In The Bogue 2 Forest Reservee Regional News: __ T&T: Tobago To Get More Beds __ Grenada: Another Vaccine Change __ St. Lucia: Senators Speak On Opposition Leader’s Pay Controversy __ JFF Cries Foul At Rejected Reggae Boyz Goal __ West Indies Ready For Sri Lanka’s Spin Attack


Strength, Resilience and Struggle


Victim jobless for 13 years breaks down over £5k compensation offer


Racism within the Windrush compensation scheme


Jamaica deportation flight leaves with just four people on board


Jamaican Artist Basil Watson to Design New National Monument Honoring “Windrush” Generation


The Making of 100 Great Black Britons By Patrick Vernon OBE


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