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Tyler Perry

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TrueTalk with Tyler Perry

Elevate Your Mind

Is there anything greater I can give to you than to work on myself? 
To forgive, love, expand, invest in and express myself?
Because I take myself everywhere I go, and my words and actions indirectly and directly affect you. 
Contemporary Spirituality is about Personal Development, Growth and Evolution. 
But it’s not about simply knowing the rules and the laws of the Universe, it’s about actually living it. 
This is the difference between knowledge and wisdom.
Get Wise my friend.
We are on this earth in this life time to do three things.
To Evolve. To Push Humanity Forward. And to do it with Joy.
Are you living your life In Purpose and On Purpose?
Are you living your life InSpirit, InSpired and In Joy?
Are you living your life Deliberately and By Design?
Or are you living it by default?

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