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This 26-year-old woman founded Kenya's first digital-only car insurance company

At the age of 26, Jihan Abass is poised to revolutionize car insurance in Kenya.

The story began three years ago when Abass visited a local restaurant in her home country and spoke with a waiter who did not have health insurance.

This conversation was a turning point for Abass, as she discovered that many other people she spoke with were also uninsured.

Abass, an Oxford MBA graduate, recognized a gap in the Kenyan insurance industry and saw a business opportunity. She founded Griffin Insurance after researching the industry and realizing that many people in Kenya lack medical cover.


“Everybody deserves that,” she stated. Abass assembled a team, and 18 months later, Griffin was born. The disruptive insurance application focuses on car insurance and received international coverage.

Today, Griffin Insurance launched its flagship mobile app that allows customers to pay in installments and pause coverage while traveling abroad. Claims will be processed in a week instead of the industry standard of 30 days.

“It allows you to buy your insurance policy in less than two minutes,” said Abass

The Griffin app enables users to perform all insurance-related tasks, from purchasing policies and filing claims to finding repair shops and requesting ambulances, without the need to call or visit the insurance company.

Jihan Abass also announced her second company, Lami, which provides the technology platform used to create Griffin so that other businesses can develop their own digital insurance products.

Lami has secured $500,000 in seed funding and aims to finalize another funding round by March. Despite being launched in September 2019, Griffin has only attracted approximately 347 active users, and according to a report in a Kenyan publication, winning customers over has been a challenge.

Nairobi, a tech hub dubbed “Silicon Savannah,” has enticed many entrepreneurs from countries such as the United States and United Kingdom, but as Abass noted, “A lot of the CEOs here are not only men, but also foreigners…You don’t really see faces like mine.”

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