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Akon Compared African And Black American Artists & Twitter Isn’t Having It

By Jovonne Ledet

Akon is facing heat on social media after he compared the stage presence of African and Black American artists in an interview that’s gone viral.


The singer sat down with Zeze Millz last week for an interview where Akon pointed out what he believes is the difference between African and Black American performers.

“We a little different when it comes to stage presence,” Akon said referring to Africans.

“Now in America, oh yeah, them n***** gone be wobbling, pants hanging half down, bored as hell, half to sleep because they high as hell on stage.”

“Look at these youtube clips of all these kids from Uganda. These kids are performers.” the Sengalese-American artist continued before asserting that stage presence “for us [Africans], it comes natural.”


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