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The man for all solutions 

Dean Okai (ADPAC)


Dean Okai is a business owner, community activist and business advocate. After serving 26 years as an independent business man, he set up a think tank to connect the dots in order to create infrastructure projects that lead to the incorporation of important Black institutions. In tandem with running his businesses and managing various infrastructure projects, he is a co home schooler to his 11 year old son, Dean Okai Jnr.

He has owned businesses as diverse as mobile phone shops, video production and music publishing, not for profit providing young people access to digital employment, web and graphic design and a men’s clothing retail outlet for the past 8 years.

This culmination of experience and wisdom has lead him to lead projects currently that include Anansi Money, which is a digital banking facility, the Anansi Village Trust, which is a commercial property acquisition based on Black businesses making charitable donations, which they will off set against corporation tax and Road CEO, a project that will arm young men with business acumen skills.

He is the Chairman at The Solution Room, a Not For Profit Think Tank established to undertake development on infrastructure projects to benefit the African/Caribbean community. This development work spans the areas of Economics, Education, Media, Politics, Justice and Lifestyle The Solution Room has a fully comprehensive outlook to make improvements for and on behalf of the African/Caribbean community within the UK to raise social standing and function.

The Solution Room’s role is to create strategic solutions with its board and partners to create practical and tangible projects that meet any and all challenges we come across. This will be done by raising finance through a combination of means to execute infrastructure projects that will include purchasing freehold properties, training core staff such as teachers, economists, future politicians, medical and nutritional experts, solicitors and barristers, media executives and production crew, agricultural experts, architects and engineers and IT consultants.

The Solution Room’s role is to expedite a charitable vehicle that essentially works as a development bank for the purposes of implementing mass solutions to raise African/Caribbean function, perception and ability in order to raise the educational and economic levels of the entire community. This starts by controlling the means of African/Caribbean children’s education in the creation of a curriculum that will support them in the long run, which incorporates emotional and financial literacy.

The Solution Room will encourage initiatives that teach and promote healthy relationships between businesses and consumers in order to create an eco system, whereby consumers support businesses who support community organisations, who in turn advocate for said consumers. This eco system will be brought about by fostering many initiatives to enable African/Caribbean’s to circulate combined incomes to enhance growth and retention of wealth.

He is also the Strategic Advisory Committee Director at African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC).  ADPAC is a political lobbying and advocacy organisation that represents its membership, which is exclusively African diasporan to improve the socio economic interests of African diasporan people in a particular nation where that jurisdiction chapter is based. ADPAC work across Education, Education, Economics, Health, Justice, Politics, Housing, Trade & Industry and Media with national leadership directors coordinating each of those departments in conjunction with the regional chapters.

The aim of ADPAC is to decrease the effects of institutional Afriphobia (see definitions of Afriphobia in the Definitions of Afriphobia PDF) in any nation the African diaspora reside through institutional organisation and combining the effectiveness of established and emerging groups and organisations with the mandate to advocate and serve exclusively African diaspora interests.

Through organisation and operating on code we intent to reverse the practice of individual silos of respective expertise operating in isolation and connect the organisational dots through national connectivity using CRM software solutions managed by the national and regional directors and chairs. We intend to bring African diaspora coordinated operations all the way into the 21st century.

We are united by the term African diasporans as defined by the African Diaspora Region of the African Union (the sixth region after the Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western regions), which was created as a virtual region to specifically address the sizable diasporas interests within the African Union. ADPAC represents the national interests of the diaspora in specific territories and plugs those collective interests right into the African Diaspora Region council.

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