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“I wanted to raise awareness in the community and empower people that it is their democratic right to run for election.”

Gwenton is founder of Crying Sons, through which he has trained government officers, police, NHS workers, faith groups and councils on how to spot and engage with youngsters on the verge of entering gang life. He also helped set up the London Gang Exit programme.

Gwenton is one of the founders of the London Gang Exit program saving the states over £6 million by relocating young people to safe houses offering young people and their families after-care and wraparound service enabling the young people to have a fresh start.

Gwenton has worked in the housing sector as a specialist in relation to the housing of ex offenders, vulnerable young people and their families for over 10 years. During this time he became involved in the professional development of professionals in related sectors through his training and books. He has made a point of remaining rooted in the communities he serves which he believes has greatly contributed to the efficacy of his work.
Gwenton is recognised as having saved more lives than any other individual working in the violence sector over the last 10 years.
The Home Office describe his amazing achievements in monitory terms by stating that he has saved the state approximately £42,500,000 during that period because in that time he has saved at least two lives a year, and the cost of investigating a murder is at least £1.700,000.
It works out to approximately four lives a year over that period. We know it must be more than that because he is called at least twice a week to help families assessed as being at risk, move to a safe location.
They are only deemed to be at risk when a proven murder attempt has taken place by an individual or individuals who have a track record of murder, which is known either through intelligence from a number of sources and or prior convictions. He does not deliver this service on a 9-5 basis because as we know the street never sleeps.
As a consequence he is often in the homes of frightened families in the early hours of the morning reassuring frightened mothers and siblings that they will be taken to a place where they will be able to sleep at night and step out of their front door without fear.
Often even with the threat of death hanging over their heads these families choose not to move, in such cases Gwenton can find himself back at the Nine Night of the young person and the family he had previously tried to save from the ultimate loss.
Each murder in England and Wales costs society more than £3 million, a report published by the Home Office has estimated.
Gwenton believes talking therapy and drop-in services could help people whose mental health has deteriorated during successive lockdowns.
He said these could be funded by the proceeds of crime fund, which sees seized criminal assets redistributed to support community safety initiatives.
Gwenton arrived in Hackney from Jamaica 8 years old and grew up on Gunton Road in Stoke Newington.
His education that he received from Jamaica was so advanced the teacher struggled daily to find him work separately from the other students to the point the school tried to find a loop hole to legally move him up a year or two but because his birthday was in October there was no loopholes so he became bored and started getting into trouble with the other children already labelled as the naughty children this later landed him in the second worse boy school in Hackney Homerton House the school was later closed down for corruption and mismanagement of finances most of the students ended up in prison and gangs as a result of the schools failings.
As a teenager he got into trouble from 13 years old one of the youngest to be driving around in the dark in the back of white vans looking for drug dealers to rob he joint a gang called LOM the must dangerous and feared gang in Hackney and most of London at the time the men headed the Gand were 15 years his senior and had been active since the 1980s Gwenton ended up in prison weeks after he was shot on his 19th birthday just for been in the wrong place at the wrong time and he said people wrote him off before he turned his life around.
Gwenton said living in Hackney at the time was like the wild west survival of the fittest when your around dark people you become dark as-well it’s like a must follows you and your no long in control of yourself until you die or luckily end up in prison it leaves you and jumps into someone else these youths no a days have it charging them up ten times worse there even attacking their parents at home child DV (Domestic Violence)
Imagine every day leaving your house debating if you should carry your knife or not because if you get stabbed and survive you’ll blame yourself move up a level same process do you carry your gun or not just encase you get shot a lot of these children don’t care about the police because some are on bail or released under investigation for a knife x3 so the person just getting arrested for one machete thinks his got two life lines let or get out of jail free card with the new abuse of the NRM system nation referral mechanism that was originally setup to stop exploitation of victims been criminalised.
He has written about his experiences in his autobiography From the Streets to Scotland Yard.
I like to lead by example I have had young people I have helped get knighted by the queen others have become millionaires on the Forbes list some of the most famous young footballers come out of my self funded football club Tower Hamlet FC with my long time friend and Jamil Nazmi that why I do what I do to give the youngsters options and opportunities.
Gwenton has been awarded at the most senior level by the Met police for his work 2016 he was awarded Lewisham commanders award then again in 2018
Gwenton has fought two council by-elections in Lewisham under the banner People Before Profit 2019 Whitefoot in Catford 2019 number of votes coming 4th second by-election in the New Cross area number of votes 2019 coming 4th beating the Liberal Democratic the country 3 largest political party Gwenton said he wanted to stand for mayor in his home borough.
“I wanted to raise awareness in the community and empower people that it is their democratic right to run for election.”
He said he would be delighted “if I empower one other person in the next 10 years to say ‘I saw Gwenton run so I will give it a go’.”

He also wants to give voters an alternative to the mainstream parties.
Hackney Council has long been controlled by the Labour party, although the Conservatives were in charge from 1968 to 1972.
Results of Hackney Mayor election
Gwenton Sloley, Hackney People Before Profit, 2,105 votes (3pc)

““if I empower one other person in the next 10 years to say ‘I saw Gwenton run so I will give it a go’.””

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