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On this page you will be taken on a journey by my guests about their lives in Policing, or how they have been affected by Policing. I will have a vast amount of guests ranging from Police to Teachers who will give their insight to the positive and negative effects of Policing in the UK.

“Engaging, empowering and enlightening- very impressive!

Met Police Superintendent Brigid Beehag-Fisher talks about women's safety and her time in the Met.

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Paul Wilson retired from London’s Metropolitan Police as a superintendent after 31 years of public service. He played a pivotal role in the creation of the UK’s first Black Police Association, and was responsible for a significant number of reports centred around the issue of institutional racism and police service delivery to black and minority ethnic communities, as well as a plethora of media appearances and contributions on the topic. As the first black British recipient of the Fulbright police fellowship award, and the author of a report and subsequent oral testimony on institutional racism at the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, Paul’s authority on the subject is beyond question. Now, he uses his knowledge of and experiences with this subject to give a personal recount of the proliferation of, and slow progress in, the fight against racism in British policing.

Talking with retired Met Police Superintendent about Racism, Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and more

Today we have Paul Wilson Retired Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police and founding member of the BPA (Black Police Association). Paul talks about his time policing in London, Brixton Riots, Stephen Lawrence inquiry, forming the BPA and more.

Talking with retired Met Police Superintendent about Racism, Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and more Part2

Canteen culture in the Met and the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry


This is a very important book about horrific critical racist events in contemporary policing. Written in considerable detail by one brave influencer and leader. He was at the heart of the start (hopefully) of some tectonic shifts in Police culture and thinking. It is an extremely thoughtful personal and organisational narrative and at times takes an unusual and helpful global perspective. It should be required reading and could be an excellent case study on policing, or Police leadership course. A very helpful addition to my library –John G.D. Grieve CBE QPM BA Hons MPhil Hon DL

There is racism in the Metropolitan Police Service. It does have an impact on black police officers. It does contribute significantly in their decision to resign.’ This unabashed statement from Paul Wilson was made 28 years ago when, as a sergeant he began efforts to set up the first constituted Black Police Association in the country. His explosive remarks came the day before the murder of Stephen Lawrence in April 1993. His book is a thought provoking narrative on the policing of colour inside and outside the Metropolitan Police spanning 3 decades, and from a senior officer who spent his career challenging the blind eyes to racism through the ranks. He offers a fascinating insight into how a black police officer endures firstly colleagues’ racist insults and then the more endemic prejudice to become the Met Police’s first ever black superintendent in Brixton. Last year’s events around Black Lives Matter and the recurring controversies over stop and search are testament to Paul Wilson’s analysis and his unrelenting battles for racial justice Simon Israel

Rocking the Boat presents a challenging read at this particular time for those concerned with the police and race relations … The author is to be commended for his courage in sharing his experiencesTrevor Hall CBE, retired Race Equality Advisor to the Home Office

For some, it brings back painful memories. For others, it will be met with disbelief and dismissal. It is part of New Scotland Yard’s history … into an institution of much greatness yet remains with issues when it comes to race that it finds difficult to acknowledge and thus resolvePatricia F Gallan QPM, retired Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police

From establishing the Black Police Association, heavily influencing the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, discussing issues with a Home Secretary, a Prime Minister, and an American President, Paul’s impact on policing cannot be overestimated. This book is not only a historical look over a fascinating career and an inspirational story of overcoming adversity, but it is also an important wake-up call in the Black Lives Matter eraLord Brian Paddick, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police

A fact based, honest account of our divided world. As a Black female growing up in Apartheid South Africa and rising through the corporate world, I found some starking similarities and genuine inspirations in this book. Paul inspires the reader to never settle and have the courage of personal convictions. He evokes raw emotions – anger, surprise, pride, love and hope. This book is critical to continue the conversation on Race, Discrimination, Black Lives, Culture and White Privilege. A Must Read! – Lethepu Matshaba, Vice President, Unilever South Africa

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