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The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita

Series 1, Episode 1 of 2

Andi Oliver and daughter Miquita go on the journey of a lifetime to the Caribbean. It’s a chance to see the changing West Indies from the perspective of two generations, with stops in Antigua, Barbuda and Barbados.

In the first episode, Andi and Miquita reconnect with their family in Antigua and explore their heritage at this significant time for black British identity. As well as fulfilling a longstanding ambition of going together to visit their relatives, they meet fellow black Brits who have given up life in London and made the move back to Antigua. Miquita, a fitness fanatic, talks her mum into some underwater exploring in what turns out to be a life-changing experience.

Miquita pursues her spiritual interests by immersing herself in Rasta culture on the island, bonding with a member of the community who has a surprising past. They also explore Antigua’s sister island of Barbuda to find out why, in contrast to the rest of the Caribbean, and not without controversy, it remains wild, sparsely populated and virtually untouched by development and tourism.

The episode also explores the legacy of colonialism and its longstanding impact on Caribbean people through the unique perspective of two generations. Miquita and Andi’s close, fun-filled relationship gives a fresh and uplifting perspective on these beautiful islands.

Series 1, Episode 2

Andi and Miquita travel to Barbados as this most British of Caribbean islands prepares to become a republic, cutting ties with the UK.

The duo meet anti-colonial calypso star the Mighty Gabby and his son for a moving musical performance and discuss why forging a new identity is so important for Barbados. Further immersing themselves in Bajan culture, Andi and Miquita go swimming with horses and enjoy local food and breakfast rum with soca stars Peter Ram and Alison Hinds.

As progressive prime minister Mia Mottley is preparing to modernise the constitution, which still outlaws gay sex, Andi and Miqutia meet members of the LGBTQ+ community to talk about the island’s first pride marches. They also have an unsettling meeting with the descendants of slave owners at a plantation house, where they have tea with resident Brits and tourists who remain a powerful force on the island and get their perspectives on republicanism and the modernisation of Barbados.

Finally, they engage in a moving exploration of their African roots when they receive their DNA results and visit Ngozi Farm, where African culture and its connection to the Caribbean is celebrated.

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