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Strand Sahara

As technology evolves, new developments continue to drive change and innovation in industries playing catch-up to an ever-changing world. With these advancements in mind, a group of African women legal practitioners and innovators have set up platforms that sit at the intersection of legal and digital, which have historically struggled to bridge the gender gap. They seek to serve, foster justice and equity, connect clients and lawyers, help entrepreneurs navigate Africa’s business landscape, often fraught with bureaucracy and revolutionise the legal system.

Rashida Abdulai, Founder & CEO Strand Sahara (African/African Caribbean heritage)
Strand Sahara was established in 2018 by Rashida Abdulai. It champions the “African Dream” by empowering entrepreneurs through “stress-free” legal support for start-ups and SMEs in Britain and across Africa. The Pan-African firm operates in the UK, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana. Strand helps businesses identify legal gaps, create contracts and level up in order to boost growth and benefit Africans across the globe. Abdulai, an award-winning lawyer, believes “The world needs more lawyerpreneurs and there has never been a better time to become one.” She has been recognised for her efforts to promote diversity and investment in Africa and the legal industry. Abdulai co-founded the Black Founders Hub — a non-profit peer network organisation for high growth, Black-owned, service businesses.

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