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Our brother and revolutionary, @bigbirdKuti offers a searing reminder that The Master’s tools will never dismantle the masters house'(Audre Lorde).

Join us on Sunday, 8th of August as we further interrogate the areas explored in this highly charged, exclusive interview:

The Knowledge Exchange is a space where the global Black community convene, to collaboratively restore ancient, nation-building practices.

About this event

TBKS: Edition 11 – Blaktivism: Nation-building, brick by brick

Join TBKS our esteemed guest panellists for this special 1st anniversary edition of The Knowledge Exchange.
This month, we turn focus towards the activism of today’s nation-builders and draw inspiration from their works to make our own valuable contribution to transforming our local and global community.
We delve deeper into what Black activism is and why we all have a role to play.
We invite you to contribute to the works already being done by generously donating upon registration via Eventbrite; 60%* of all funds raised will be donated to the phenomenal works of the African Child Agenda.

How are you re-purposing the tools acquired from the ‘masters house’ for the benefit of Black Nationalism? Is it even possible to channel these tools in our self-interest? We think so – with the caveat: that spiritually and ideologically you are anchored in the right camp.
Professor Lez unflinchingly and directly hammers home the importance of using whatever skill or ability you have, as a member of the “African branch of the human race” to uplift and advance the Black Nationalist agenda.

A high-net-worth statement proffered by one of our foremost community activists. A welcome reminder from our brother, @deanokai to abandon the hegemonic architecture, which uses language – and thus labels – not only to legitimate but to regulate and perpetuate the power imbalance. Let’s keep putting in the WORKS to realise the returns.
Listen to the full podcast available in TBKS, Edition #11: Blaktivism

More about the Black Knowledge Society:


The Best Reflection of You

The Black Knowledge Society (TBKS) is a resource hub comprising:
  • blog
  • monthly Zoom community (The Knowledge Exchange), where we convene to move – from editorial, to points of action
  • periodical e-publication
  • and social media community
Our primary ambition is to signpost the global Black community to existing, credible resources that seek to unite us and inspire transformative action.
Rather than reinvent the wheel, we hold fast to our core values, by elevating the great works of the myriad enlightened leaders, scholars, activists, and great minds from within our global community. We celebrate and honour both acclaimed and lesser-known names in a coherent, digestible form, accessible to even the “newly woke”.
We believe unity through education is the fundamental building block, through which all other forms of social, economic and political prosperity are derived.
Our freedom lies in embracing our true selves: the accomplished, brilliant and resourceful people we were pre-slavery – and still are!
Equally critical is that we do not make this effort to build ourselves up at the expense of another group’s downfall. Our efforts are not motivated by hate of the ‘other’; instead, born out of love for self; hence our strapline, know thyself, love thyself. When motivated by love and passion we can do a wealth of transformative good.
As a member of the global Black community, you are already a stakeholder in TBKS. What that means is that we expect you to hold us to account, contribute and actively build with us; consider our success, your success.

A warm welcome.

Esther Ademosu


Fanon’s views on the paradoxes of liberalism, humanism, colonialism, & what he described as the “infinite science” of the colonizer. Europe is indeed a creation of the third world. 

“The wealth which smothers her is that which was stolen from the underdeveloped peoples. The ports of Holland, the docks of Bordeaux and Liverpool specialized in the Negro slave trade, and owe their renown to millions of deported slaves. So when we hear the head of a European state declare with his hand on his heart that he must come to the aid of the poor underdeveloped peoples, we do not tremble with gratitude.” 

Has much has really changed in a post- colonial world?



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