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Statue celebrating the NHS’s Windrush nurses unveiled in London


A stylised statue of a seated woman in dark stone holding a baby, in white stone, on her lap, mounted on a low plinthCLICK ON HERE TO READ ARTICLE 

Close-up of a naturalistic bronze statue of a black woman in a headscarf holding a baby up high and looking into its eyesBronze Woman, the statue in Stockwell inspired by a Cécile Nobrega poem.


On the fifth of July in 1948 Britain opened the gate of the National Health Service for all citizens. With not enough locals to complete all the tasks, A British politician asks – “should we recruit Africans, Asians and Caribbeans William Beveridge started the idea -back in 1942 A cradle to grave system which was more fair – than what had been hitherto.

Before the NHS the people had to pay – even the poorest families Sometimes the doctors would let them get away – by paying with chicken or cheese.

Nurses of the NHS – you really are the best Caring for those who need it whether they are poor or wealthy Heroes of the NHS, rarely taking a rest Stepping up, never giving up, no matter what situation Working tirelessly night and day – to keep nursing the nation.

Nurses of colour at first were in short supply Dealing with patients that die – of contagious diseases like TB Adverts appeared for “hospital auxiliaries”Earning the lowest of fees – doing the Cinderella jobs that were so nasty. There were then two types of nursing grade – Registered or Enrolled But for all the difference that it made, they still had to be bold Some people could be very offensive, as they were being cared for But the nurses’ patience was extensive – they carried on as before.

Back in the 1960s there was a brain drain, The government tried in vain – to keep their UK staff from going overseas But many left Great Britain for the USA Where they could make their way – working for wealthy private companies The NHS is the most diverse of British institutions Every doctor, porter and nurse makes great contributions In spite of that, to our dismay, some still want to cause strife Doing their worst to try to take away this British way of life.

In the 2012 Olympics presentation The Windrush Generation Were seen to be integral to the NHS Of the one point two million working in this field Patients are being healed – by 13 per cent BAME with success But these days In England and Wales it’s more like forty per cent. And with all that Covid now entails, it’s the front line they represent. Some are working 20 hours or more in just a single day But nobody has any superpowers and for their health we must pray.

Nursing The Nation – Music and Lyrics by Alexander D Great (c) PRS 06/07/2021

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Calling all aspiring female scientist, this is for you! Saturday 25th September 12-1pm!

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Healthwatch Croydon

invite you to tell your experiences. 

Thursday 30th September 10:30 – 12:30


This online event is to hear from people who seldomly tell their views about services.


Two years ago this month I went into hospital on the 2nd of September and came out on the 26th.

Two weeks of prep.

Six hours of surgery.

3 days in intensive care.

The brain tumour was removed.

It took me another 3 months to relearn how to walk again.

Another 8 months before I could drive again and resume some sort of former normality in my routine with my husband and two young kids.

Today, 2 years on, I’m 98% fully recovered and grateful for each and every day.

I’ve learnt to slow down…

…to create healthy margins and boundaries in my work…

…and to build my business around my life – not the other way round.

I’ve learnt to not put off for tomorrow what I can do today because tomorrow is not promised.

Not to you. Not to me.

You don’t need a life and death situation to start living your best life now.

Take little steps in that direction today.

Much love 

For anyone out there working towards a dream and facing constant discouragement, here’s a little inspiration: ⁣

When I had my daughter during my sophomore year of college, they said I would probably drop out or not graduate in 4 years…Graduated with my class and on time⁣

When my undergraduate GPA took a hit in the midst of leaving an abusive marriage, taking on a full course load and working multiple jobs, they told me I didn’t have a chance of getting into medical school…Took a few years, but got the short white coat and started medical school in 2014⁣

After I got into medical school, they told me I would never pass my board exams and go on to graduate after previously taking the MCAT four times and never achieving a high score…Passed all my boards on the first try, graduated without issues, and now I’m a fully licensed physician⁣

When I said I wanted to publish a book, they told me the niche was too small and only a few people would buy it…Currently admiring the hundreds of copies sold and great reviews⁣

After more than one unsuccessful residency match cycle, they told me I should give up my dreams of becoming a surgeon because it would never happen, and that my chances of matching into plastic surgery as a medical school graduate and DO were basically zero…Matched into a categorical integrated plastic surgery residency and currently on the way to becoming a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon⁣

Now when I say I’m going to accomplish something…they stay quiet

Don’t let anyone discourage you from going after your goals. A lot of times a person will tell you that you can’t do something based on their own personal limitations, biases, and inadequacies. When someone tells me something is impossible, that just translates as having to work harder, taking a little longer, and muting out all the naysayers to achieve it. Be your own champion, let the haters talk, and make sure you let them watch you work and overcome the odds.

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