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An extraordinary young man with a passion for


Samuel John describes himself as A true Grenadian son of the soil who hails from the village of Coast Guard in St Mark.

“There were many challenges growing up in my community to include being bullied and called names which I overcame. These contributed in no small measure to the well rounded person that resulted. I am regarded in many quarters as a role model to several young people. I am a level-headed and very realistic in my outlook. My passion for photography started when I was a young boy growing up. I fell in love with photography due to my fascination with nature and people; therefore, I wanted to express myself through the “lens”. This has complimented my life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur. With hard work and determination, I persevered thus far and all that I am today, to a great extent, I credit to my dear mother and stepdad”.

“I sincerely believe that photography is art!” 

Photography captures one’s memories in a time capsule…..

To see more of this young artists incredible work please check him out on Instagram. All pictures are courtesy of his Instagram page.

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