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Rest in Power, King!!

By Francesca Serpico

34 years ago on December 1, James Baldwin ascended to join the Ancestors.

His words here resonate so hard, as someone who has always loved to write.

What does a writer actually do?

The last year has taught me that it's NEVER too late to pursue my dreams. I gained the confidence to try things that I'm passionate about reading and writing again because of writers who inspire me.

I am MORE than enough. I just need to believe in myself, step out on faith, and not be too afraid to try!

As Baldwin explains, writers often doubt the power of words. We ask ourselves what words can actually do. I've asked myself that question many times since starting to write. But I'm learning words can create, build, empower, and heal. I'm so glad I decided to fall in love with writing because I've never been happier!

We all have superpowers we can use for good. Stepping into using them can open up a whole new world.

What's your superpower? Drop what you love to do in the comments below.

How can we help you each other to pursue our passion?

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