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the cast of Peckham's Finest

Photograph: Courtesy ITV 2 and ITV Hub

‘Peckham’s Finest’ is south-east London’s answer to ‘Made In Chelsea’

Yup, there’s a new reality TV show set in SE15

What do Peckham and Chelsea have in common? Well, nothing really. Though Chelsea used to be artsy, and now it’s posh, while Peckham is currently artsy but used to be posh (back in the sixteenth century and the 1950s). However, there’s now something that can unite them for ever more: They both have an observational reality documentary TV show about them. Yup, fans of ‘Made in Chelsea’ get ready, there’s an SE15 equivalent on the way – ‘Peckham’s Finest’.

This show will be brought to you (and to ITV2) by the makers of everyone’s favourite semi-anonymous-until-they’re-revealed-to-the-audience singing game show, ‘The Masked Singer’. It’ll follow the lives of an aspirational group of young people who are living within the edgy little pocket of the Big Smoke. But of course, you won’t just see the career aspect of their lives unfold on the telly, there’ll be a look at friendships, trial and error, romantic relationships, and the rest.

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