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How Togo, one of West Africa’s smallest countries, became the region’s trade hub: As soon as you leave Aflao, #Ghana, you arrive in #Lomé, #Togo, Africa’s only capital city sitting on a #landborder. Motorcycles zip by, their passengers hurrying home to Ghana after a day’s #trading in the #market. On a side street, #money changers have set up shop, trading CFA francs, cedis, naira, dollars and euros.
The border opens up on Boulevard de Mono, Lomé’s coastal road. Home to the city’s major landmarks, the palm-lined road is an open-air #museum. Colonial buildings from the #German and #French protectorates are a stone’s throw from Togo’s first National Assembly, its white exterior gleaming in the sun.
Asigamé, Togo’s oldest #market, sits at the midway point of Boulevard de Mono. Stretching over two blocks, Asigamé is a collection of narrow streets packed with #traders, hawkers, and porters who come from all over #WestAfrica.
Further down the boulevard, a line of #trucks carrying 20-foot and 40-foot containers wait to get into #Loméport, which sprawls across the eastern part of the city. The #port head office flaunts the slogan, “Perle de l’Afrique” (Pearl of Africa), a nod to its vital role in the Togolese economy and the broader West Africa region.
Togo 🇹🇬 is an #AfCFTA member country

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