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Canoville, who suffered from racist abuse from his own fans in the 1980s, visited Ashfield Boys school in east Belfast to share his experiences with teenagers from different communities and refugee teams.

He signed for Chelsea in 1981, fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional footballer, and made his debut against Crystal Palace.

However, he soon discovered that it was his own fans who were racially abusing him, and the abuse continued for three years.

Canoville participated in a new initiative between Choice Housing and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, aimed at building positive relationships, leadership, skills, and opportunities for young people, while addressing issues such as racism and inequality at a community level.

Canoville expressed his pleasure at being involved in the program and hopes to return as it progresses, adding that sport is a great way to bring people together and that it provides a pathway for young people to learn skills and overcome challenges.

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