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Join us this Black History Month!

In what promises to be an engaging and insightful conversation, we’re sitting down with educational theorist and leading Pan-African scholar, Dr John Marah (SUNY Brockport), whose 2018 seminal work, “Pan-African Education: A Must for the African Union” lays out the case for prioritising the development of a robust Pan-African education agenda.

Dr Marah will take us through the impact of colonisation on education in Africa, the state of education across the Black experience today in light of ever-increasing globalisation, and why a Pan-African education agenda that nurtures trans-national and trans-cultural citizenship is of critical importance to the future development of the continent and its diaspora.

Time: 1400 (New York) | 1900 (London)

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Format: online, live

Fee: £15


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Dr John K Marah is a Professor of African and African American Studies at the State University of New York, Brockport (SUNY Brockport). He is the former Chair of the Department and has written seminal works on Pan-African Education including “Pan-African Education: A Must for the African Union” (2018), and “Pan-African Education: The Last Stage of Educational Developments in Africa” (1989).

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“Pan-African Education: A Must for the African Union” (2018)

Dr John Marah

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