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On Race: We Need to Shift from Humanity to War Mindset

They’re out to get you. Oh, yes. They’re scheming and plotting to bring you down. Who? White supremacists, of course. Too many liberals and progressives believe that we just need to educate the hate out of racists. They just need a chance to see the light and maybe a hug.

Nope. Wrong. Absolutely not. True white supremacists (not the dabblers) know exactly what they’re doing. They have been educated. And they have seen the light. In fact, they’re doing their best to protect the flame of white supremacy at any cost.

Liberal Re-education

The ones who need to be educated are not them. It’s us. First, break down your moral superiority. Second, put on your battle gear. Not a fighter, but a lover you say? Well, the next time someone tries to rob you, try to love them into letting your wallet go.

We are stupid to believe that white supremacists haven’t considered all the other options. We think they just haven’t turned the corner in the market to find exactly what they’re looking for: racial justice on aisle three! No, they’ve already grabbed what they want and they’re running to the register while pushing you out of the way (and asking the manager to double their coupons and ban you from the store).

Hate is Not the Main Driver

The core of this liberal stupidity is the value we place on their hate. Though it seems to be their primary behavior (hate-based attacks), it’s not their primary driver. The primary motive is to maintain both the feelings and structures of superiority over others. Race is just a tool among many.

Granted, it’s a big one. Race creates a quick and efficient means to thin the herd quickly. Progressives, especially minorities, think the hate begins and ends with their race. Not to devalue our race-based trauma, but white supremacists kinda don’t give a shit, despite all their yelling.

Racism is just something that worked for them consistently to get what they wanted. But when it’s challenged, they’re furious because it’s like the batteries are running out on their favorite toy. It’s not that they’re really angry about your color so much. Your color is the reason for them not getting what they want. So hating your color will somehow replace their batteries faster. It’s dumb logic. But what’s worse is that our society has followed along for so long.

So They’re Not Actually Racist?

That’s probably why a lot of them genuinely believe they’re not racist — because their thoughts don’t linger on race even though they wage the most brutal attacks abusing it. When confronted, they say, “That’s not me! It’s not who I truly am! I don’t recognize that hateful person.” And we have to consider that they’re telling the truth. They’re not racist per se. They’re a greedy sack of shit who momentarily uses racism in flashes of rage.

For white supremacists, who in actuality are inferiority complex afflicted narcissists, there’s no end to their hate. Once the minorities have been crushed, they’ll turn on each other. Even among white women. The blondes will band together to get rid of the competition of the darker haired white sisterhood. Then, the blondes are at it tooth and nail — peroxide, gel tips and scrunchies everywhere. I’ve never made it that far into the room for a blonde fight, but I imagine beauty products as weapons would be involved. I have seen white girls fight over Diet Coke though.

What We Can Do

So as a minority, what are we to do? First, instead of extending wasted olive branches to white supremacists, put on your battle gear. No one goes into the boxing ring with their library card. If you must go into a fight with a pen, make sure that it’s a proxy for a sword.
Second, bring your warm feelings of compromise to rooms where your allies congregate. How many people are arguing amongst themselves when they actually agree? Too many progressive have it backwards. Be nice to your fellow warriors. Instead, don’t give in to the enemy. Then, leave the battle on the field and bring love into the home.

Perpetual War for Humanity

And lastly, be prepared to fight a perpetual war the way the far right loves to operate. As long as there are people who weaponize their inferiority to create a fake superiority (i.e. white supremacy), you’ll always have to stash some attacks in your pocket. Accept it as part of what makes life fun. Because if you don’t play when the stakes are low, we end up with tragedies way out of our control.

Working Toward Whiteness: How America’s Immigrants Became White

Originally published at on April 20, 2021.



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