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OCTOBER 2021 is Black History Month and the 11th anniversary of the Equality Act 2010. The tenth day of the tenth month will also see my celebrating 25 years at my second profession, the #Bar.

I attended that day at my Inns of Court with my late mother, Ann, and my dear friend, Sue, neither of whom is with us today in person. Sadly, I lost both within 12 months of each other. Recently,

I wrote a piece “To Sir With Love”


within which I referred to a maths teacher in my primary school and a later career advisor who intimated that I should not raise my expectations too high despite the fact that I was an avid reader and ferocious story writer or that I was an above average maths student; in my adulthood I got a distinction in mathematics and, among my degrees, I gained a BA in English Language and Literature. Had I lived down to the expectations of my maths teacher and the career advisor who could not see beyond a young British lad of Caribbean heritage, life may well have turned out differently. They neither knew me anymore than I knew them, and they definitely did NOT define me.

One day I was driving late from East to West Midlands when a friend told me that she had seen me on tv, being Called to the Bar. As she said this, I remember that my special day had been filmed by the BBC.

Thankfully, she taped it. I few weeks later a saw the clip on another programme. 

So, if ever my maths teacher and career advisor ever wondered what happened to that young lad who desperately sought their help and guidance beyond their low expectations of me, I say, have a look at this!

I do not own the copyright to this clip.

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