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About the scheme

People who experience discrimination can find it difficult to cover the costs of taking legal action.

Our legal support scheme began in 2017. It provides vital funding and legal assistance to individuals, so they can pursue their claims and access the justice they deserve.

We also continue to take landmark cases that make the law clearer and set a precedent. This is set out in our strategic litigation policy.

New fund available for race discrimination cases

A high percentage of ethnic minority people in Britain have experienced prejudice and discrimination. Organisations are also repeatedly failing to protect members of the public from racial harassment and abuse.

We want to improve outcomes for victims of racial harassment and discrimination.

We also want every employer and public service to understand their responsibilities and what the consequences are for not following the law.

Legal practitioners can now apply for support towards their clients’ cases. We hope that this will take us one step closer to achieving racial equality across England, Scotland and Wales.

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