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Namibia: Paving Ways for Women in Trade Through AfCFTA: To provide a platform for women to voice their needs and interests regarding trade in the context of the #AfricanContinentalFreeTradeArea (AfCFTA), #Namibia last week held a national consultation for the #AfCFTA protocol on #women in #trade.

In a #virtual #event, the economic advisor at the #UnitedNationsDevelopmentProgramme (UNDP), Wilmot Reeves said the aim of the consultation was to understand the #export profile (sectors) in which women are engaged in cross border trade and to identify broader value chains linked to the export profile.
“The objective here is to #explore specific interest or sectors in which women would like to expand within the #intraAfricantrade market, and to identify the bottlenecks women face in trade, and which require resolution,” explained Reeves.
Reeves added that they aim to identify a category of trade measures whose implementation will uniquely support the capacity of women exporters to maximise opportunities and benefits presented in the AfCFTA.
He further indicated the key thematic areas for women include #manufacturing, #agriculture and #agroprocessing, #technology and #innovation, creative industries, professional services, trade facilitation, trade policy, and informal cross border trading.

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