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The Beat House Cosmetics, founded by Danielle Pasha and her daughter, Samiah, is making waves in the beauty industry.

Their hard work has paid off with a major distribution deal with Citi Trends, allowing their products to be sold in 600 stores across the country.

They have also been accepted into Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator program, which supports black entrepreneurs in building sustainable equity and growth.


Samiah was only 14 years old when they launched the company in 2020, but she is now the President of the company, with her mother serving as CEO.

They have been busy securing their place in the cosmetics world by introducing popular palettes such as the Knock Out Palette and the 2020 Palette.

These efforts led to their partnership with Citi Trends Inc., where The Knockout Palette and the Legacy Palette can be found both in stores and on their website.

While Danielle focused on expanding the brand, Samiah took the reins to design her own collection, The Good Girl Collection.

Samiah created this collection for all the girls who prioritize education, self-care, being a good person, having fun, and looking good while doing so. She wanted to capture that vibe with her color choices and product selection.

Danielle gave Samiah the space to create while supporting her along the way.

Meanwhile, Danielle released another stunning palette inspired by the season of love, The Wedding Planner Palette.

After talking with MUAs around the world, Danielle discovered that weddings are the hardest events to prepare for. With this knowledge, she created a palette with highly pigmented prismatic colors and delicate shades perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and guests.

The Beat House Cosmetics offers a wide range of products for all age groups and lifestyles.

Their cosmetic line is dedicated to overcoming obstacles and self-doubt. With their success, it’s clear that this mother-daughter duo is here to stay.

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