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Ivor Sutton, Founder and Director of EtC
Creative Writing & Storytelling | TV Project | Content Visionary
You may know her:
“Today, she is at her worst. But tomorrow she’ll be leading, developing and organising her way to new heights – all over again. A repetitive, exhaustive and anxious reality she knows too well.
Those who meet her will be inspired by her beautiful compassionate smile, her mild but punctual tone, her ability to listen and her wholesome capacity to understand. But they know not of her other life – the ‘roller-coaster’ between feeling overwhelmed… and underwhelmed. Yes, it’s about Mental Health – but then followed by a gradual sense of feeling… ‘better’ – as she will always struggle to say ‘happy’?Her work was her ‘mood’ springboard – an injection of dynamism, warmth and passion – and a determination that would inspire ‘new’ collaborations. Though she was aware of the imbalance between her work-life and home-life; her fear to address the reality of #depression, #anxiety and #stress is why she lacks a #relationship and continually misses out on finding #Love.She understands the importance of having ‘good’ relationships, but in her moment of #moodswings the true reality of living in #isolation remains a dark cloud in her heart and mind – cancelling out any opportunity that might reduce this unwelcome, heavy burden in her life.Today is a ‘new’ day; she’s at her best! But what remains the painful reality will not only test the value and vitality of her ability to work, lead and to organise, nor the opportunity to build and feel secure in a #healthyrelationship that can lead to #Love”, but the overarching need to #embrace, to #heal, and to #strengthen”.Ivor Sutton


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