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Akwasi Ofori Boah, MD is a board eligible neurosurgeon who specializes in the treatment of spinal conditions.

Dr. Boah came to the Denton, Texas location of Texas Back Institute from New York where he most recently completed a neurosurgical residency at the New York School of Medicine.

He specializes in treating adult patients with spinal deformities, oncologic spinal tumors, hyperhidrosis, and craniocervical junction.

Dr. Boah has authored and co-authored numerous book chapters and research papers and given oral presentations at several locations including the NYU Department of Neurosurgery, and the annual NMA Section of Neurology and Neurosurgery Gathering in 2010.

Dr. Boah’s areas of expertise include, but is not limited to treating tumors, spinal cord injuries, neck/cervical spine surgery, nerve pain, neck pain and disorders, headaches, micro discectomies, and kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty.

Dr. Boah maintains several professional affiliations with organizations focused on maintaining and promoting the highest of medical standards and continuing education including the National Medical Association, Society for Neuro-Oncology, AOSpine, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, and National MS Society.

He earned his B.S. in Interdisciplinary Health from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; York School of Medicine in New York.

Dr. Boah is known not only for his medical expertise, but also for his kindness and desire to make every patient feel as though their needs have been thoroughly met.

He speaks Portugese, Twi, and Italian as well as English and is an avid athlete and competitive soccer and basketball player

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