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We at Kamara Youths would love to have you on board with us helping the youth get guided to abetter path in their lives.

To know about our aim, our objective is to minimise youth criminality by assisting, encouraging, and supporting them in visualising the suffering they are causing to their families/friends and communities.

We will immerse these young people in many parts of life through genuine prior experiences as well as their own. This initiative grew out of our concern for our communities and the future of our youngsters, and the ideal person to convey it to them will be someone they can connect to, someone who has walked in their shoes.

These young people still have a bright future and have the potential to become pillars of their communities. We are here to lay the groundwork for our youngsters to one day lead the next generation.

Our aim extends to improving the lives of our communities’ supporters, members, and youngsters. Our support plan involves a no-compromise effort to provide up-to-date advice that will support the needs and future of these young people. We value our youths, each and every one of them, so by making a long-term commitment to support the jail system and job centres, we will be establishing a long-term relationship that will continue to empower and motivate these youths who do not want to return to the jail system or the streets but want to better themselves.

This is what Kamara Youths is about and we strive to do better for the youth and the team. We would love for you to join our team to support the youth and we hope you can bring some people with you to work with us voluntarily. To know a bit about myself and what i’ve been through which ignited me to start Kamara Youths:

I grew up in one of America’s worst neighbourhoods, and after getting shot twice (collarbone and hip), stabbed on the shoulder, incarcerated, and witnessing my girlfriend dying my arms from a bullet to the head, I made a quick turnaround. I majored in psychology in college but graduated as a computer engineer. Wanting to be a hands-on father, I made a temporary move to the United Kingdom, where I knew no one. In September 2019, my son was killed by a bullet in Somerset, New Jersey. A week before his birthday, my son (Alpha) was throwing a private party for his girls’ birthday. These young people were about to attend the event when security stopped them and asked for their invitation. Alpha happened to be strolling by when he was asked whether it was okay for these youngsters to join; he asked them if they had an invite, they said “no,” and he said, “sorry, you guys cannot enter.” These youngsters waited for him to leave the event before approaching him and shooting him.

We at Kamara Youths need more people like you to help the cause we’re going through so the youth can have people like myself, you and our amazing team guiding them to avoid drugs, violence and prison. We would love to welcome you to the team and thank you for helping our cause as we can’t wait to start working alongside you.

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