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This painting is called “Critical R@ce Theory” by artist Jonathan Harris.

It *speaks* to those willing to *see.*


It *exposes* the actions of those seeking to *unknow.*


Though many of us are committed to historical #truth, others are opposed to it and are *down-white* hostile. *

Though they proffer up and point to their children’s #wellbeing, be not deceived. The real reason for their visceral hostility is as clear as the color of the nose on their face.

Spoiler Alert: Truth always wins in the end.

PS: The 1619 Project #book is doing phenomenally well—

“You all have bought so many 1619 Project books across the country that we’re already going to a second printing.” — Nikole Hannah-Jones

“‘The 1619 Project' sold twice as many books as any other on the list.” — Raven Book Store

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