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By Ivor Sutton

“Today, she is at her worst!

But she’ll be leading, collaborating and organising her way to new heights in her business role.

A repetitive, exhaustive and anxious reality she knows too well.

Those who meet her will be inspired by her beautiful compassionate smile, her mild but punctual tone, her ability to listen and her wholesome capacity to understand.

But they know not of her other life – the ‘roller-coaster’ between feeling overwhelmed… and underwhelmed.

Yes, it’s about Mental Health. It’s about self-care. It’s about feeling loved… and finding Love; but then followed by a gradual sense of feeling ‘better’; as she will always struggle to say ‘happy’.

The commitment for the role she created for herself was her positive ‘mood’ springboard – an injection of dynamism, warmth and passion – and a personal show of determination that would inspire ‘new’ partnerships, opportunities and growth. But this was it.

This was all it was. She had perfected the role of ‘building business’ and ‘building business partnerships’, but continued to suffer the loss of feeling a personal happiness from deep within.

Though she was aware of the imbalance between her work-life and personal-life, her fear to address the reality of depression, anxiety and stress is why only in her dreams she could enjoy the possibilities of a heartfelt sub-consciousness where she would meet that ‘special person’ for a genuine ‘meeting-of-minds’.

But she is ‘special’ too; something she needs to work on with someone she knows too well. Herself.

Her mind, heart and soul continues to lack that feeling of Love – that passionate driven sense of contentment that one shares within another; and while her capacity to Love may outweigh her ability to find it, she feels stagnated by this.

She understands the importance of having ‘healthy relationships’ but in her period of mood-swings the true reality of living in isolation remains a dark cloud in her life – cancelling out any positive and fulfilling opportunities that may unlock  this unwelcome heavy burden that has become a dominant conditioning towards the way she thinks, feels… and lives her ever so complex life.

Today is a ‘new’ day… and she is at her best!

But what remains the painful reality will not only test the value and vitality of her ability to lead, nor the opportunity to build and feel secure in a ‘healthy relationship’ that can lead to Love, but the overarching need to embrace, to heal and to strengthen the Love she has for herself… and to acknowledge that the nature of powerful, beautiful and compassionate values she has within… is what everyone feels blessed to have around them each and every day”.

“Be thankful for the struggles you go through.
They make you stronger, wiser & humble. Don't let them break you. Let them make you.”

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